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Hello there. One of my recent edits was to redirect 'The Necromancer' article to 'Sauron' and this was met with a little consternation from a member of this site so have come to state my reasons and propose it as a new way of doing things (so this thread should stand somewhere between an apology and an advert).

You see, if there's one thing i have noticed is that there are a huge amount of pages given over to merely different names for any given subject matter. One of my recent 'offensives' for instance involved taking all the various pages, each a different term for either the edain as a whole or one of their three houses, and turning them into redirects to consolidate the information.

Only a couple of days ago though, someone made an entire slew of new pages for various outdated names of Beleriand (despite the fact they were actually mentioned in the Beleriand article). Now with all due respect to this individual (and i dont mean to target them) i just feel that this acts to confuse people, destracting them from the main article where the majority of the information can be found. In some cases, these pages do not even link to a page where more information (which usually includes the information on said subsiduary pages) can be found.

I would therefore like to propose a shift towards consolidating information to a few key pages. Obviously there are some that cant be consolidated at all since they refer to a subject matter that morphed into two or more (Egnor is a good example, since he could be read as becoming either Aegnor or Barahir in the evolution of the character). Elvish words which refer to a specific item (Lalaith or aeglos for example) equally cannot be consolidated but there are enough pages that could easily be.

I thank you for reading this, and i thank you more if you agree with me since i perceive this as a major hurdle for casual searchers finding the information they desire.

Dr Death

Dr Death, as I've not enough time at the moment to discuss, I'd like to point to an earlier discussion of this subject: Forum:Multiple title redirects. --Earendilyon 07:04, 28 May 2007 (EDT)