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Gandalf (fanzine)

The name Gandalf refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Gandalf (disambiguation).
Cover of Gandalf, issue 5 1974

Gandalf: Tidsskrift for fantasi was a Norwegian fanzine (calling itself a "tidsskrift", ("journal")), edited by Øyvind Myhre and published during the 1970s. Although the title was taken from a character by J.R.R. Tolkien, the fanzine covered fantasy literature in general and also included short novels. A few issues had articles about, or relating to, Tolkien (see below).

The fanzine format was of stapled, type-printed A4 paper, and each issue of the magazine featured a hand-drawn illustration on the cover.

[edit] Selected issues

  • 1973: Nr. 2
    • "Om å skrive Tolkien-kritikk" (Øyvind Myhre) ["On Writing Tolkien Criticism"; the article concerns the political content of Tolkien's writings]
  • 1974: Nr. 3 [see pp. 7, 9]
  • 1975: Nr. 1
    • "Moral og umoral" (Giale Hannemyr) [pp. 5-6; "Morality and Immorality"; the article is a reply to Myhre's article in nr. 2, 1973]
  • 1975: Nr. 2
    • "Om Werenskiolds Tolkien-oversettelse" (Roger Humphris) [pp. 13-14; "On Werenskiold's Translation of Tolkien", see Nils Werenskiold]
  • 1975: Nr. 6 [see p. 6]
  • 1976: Nr. 1 [see p. 12]