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Letter to Przemyslaw Mroczkowski (17 November 1957)

Przemyslaw Mroczkowski 17 November 1957.png

On 17 November 1957, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Przemyslaw Mroczkowski.[1][2]

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[Description and excerpt:] "My wife and I are very gratified for your invitation [from] you and your wife. It would, of course, but for the thought of the trouble we should be giving, be far more pleasant to have lunch chez vous." "I am dreadfully sorry that we cannot manage this Tuesday; but I do hope that you will find a chance to ask us again! (If I go to America at all, I will not be until the middle of March at the earliest). This is a very crowded week, and my wife is unfortunately not able to do many things (pleasant or otherwise) in succession. Tuesday is quite a good day usually." "I do not understand your use of 'bold'! It is extraordinarily kind of you both to bother about us. We are quite unimportant people. And I do hope that as I have been bold enough to address you as a colleague without title you will please do the same to me."[2]

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