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Locus 1

Locus 1
1968 - LOCUS 1.jpg
EditorCharles Brown
Released27 June 1968
FormatStapled sheets

Locus 1 is an issue of the American science fiction and fantasy magazine Locus. Issue #1 includes a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's letter to Dick Plotz, president of the Tolkien Society of America.

[edit] Extract

JRR TOLKIEN has written to the Tolkein Society of America to inform them that the book The Tolkien Relation by William Ready (Henry Regnery Co., Chicago) was published without his cooperation or consent, and to point out that it has a number of errors (for example, on p. 46 there is a reference to Bilbo's wife).Tolkien says he does not wish to cause a public furore over the book, but he resquest TSA members not to buy it.

Other errors have been pointed out, as for example the reference to LoTR as a trilogy; it is not, as Tolkien has taken pains to point out in the past. It is one story published in three volumes. In addition, Professor Tolkien, who is quite jealous of his personal life, is presumably annoyes with the inclusion of biographical data in the book.

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