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Other Minds 20

Other Minds 20
EditorThomas Morwinsky, Hawke Robinson
PublisherOther Minds Volunteers
ReleasedJanuary 2019

Other Minds 20 is the twentieth issue of Other Minds, a magazine devoted to Middle-earth Role Playing and other role playing games set in Middle-earth, published in January 2019.

[edit] Contents

  • "Editorial"
  • "The Road Goes Ever On"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Inside Information"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Tainted Treasure"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "Creatures of Middle-earth: Ogres (S. Hongwir)"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Creatures of Middle-earth: Were-worms of the West"
    • By Brian Seligman
  • "Orc-tribes of Wilderland"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "Harondor TA 1645"
    • By Galendae
  • "Hobbit migrations"
    • By: Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Appendix" (Harondor map, maps for 'Hobbit Migrations')