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At the very least, this article title should be changed to Okamnar or Okamna, depending on plurality - which is a bit inconsistent. For the moment I've listed the pl. okamnar in the article before the sg. okamna in order to agree with the title, but the redlink ohlon is singular. Out of the earlier forms osamnar and samnar, one is singular and the other plural. I'm not sure if (for stylistic reasons) we want to change the article titles and links to be the same or leave them as is, but at any rate I think the C in this one's title should become a K, to reflect the attested spelling consistent with Tolkien's usual (but not universal) pattern during that time period (and earlier) before switching to C in later decades (in actually-published LotR, that is, not his personal notes and essays: those freely alternate between C and K even up until near the end of his life). Unweg 04:43, 13 July 2015 (UTC)