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I notice this redirects to Lossoth, although I believe the majority of, if not the only pages that link here are related to the Snowmen from the Father Christmas Letters (they're on the Races and Peoples section for the Letters of Father Christmas template, which explains the links.) I do not think the two are related. Was this meant to be a separate article for the men from the Father Christmas Letters? --Grace18 22:18, 24 February 2021 (UTC)

You are right, but those in FCL should be written Snow-men. Sage 07:12, 25 February 2021 (UTC)
Are Lossoth actually called "Snowmen"? Anycase, it would be more appropiate that "Snowmen" redirects to "Snow-men", and that "Snow-men" includes a disambiguation box for "Lossoth". --LorenzoCB 07:59, 25 February 2021 (UTC)
Yes they are: the people is once called "the Lossoth, the Snowmen of Forochel", then "the Snowmen" or "the Lossoth" - both names separately three times, I think. Because both names are equally common and "Snowmen" is used several times separately, "Snowmen" should perhaps redirect to "Lossoth", the FCL "Snow-men" is quite rare compared with this. --Tik 08:24, 25 February 2021 (UTC)