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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/4 September 2011/Transcript

[2011-09-04 20:03:48] <KingAragorn> Welcome to Tolkien Gateway's September meeting. KingAragorn, Amroth, Ederchil, Gamling, Hyarion, and Morgan are all present.
[2011-09-04 20:04:06] <KingAragorn> First up is me with "Setting up email addressing on the domain. With such email addresses users would be able to appear professional and legitimate in their capacity of obtaining artist's permission to host their work."
[2011-09-04 20:04:20] <KingAragorn> Which mainly require Hyarion's input
[2011-09-04 20:04:25] <KingAragorn> *requires
[2011-09-04 20:04:32] <Ederchil> that would be nice.
[2011-09-04 20:04:52] <Hyarion> Question #1, who gets an e-mail?
[2011-09-04 20:04:59] <KingAragorn> You can set up an email using the domain on Windows Live
[2011-09-04 20:05:00] <Amroth> Sounds good to me.
[2011-09-04 20:05:04] <Morgan> Admins
[2011-09-04 20:05:20] <Hyarion> definitely would prefer Gmail than Windows Live if we setup something.
[2011-09-04 20:05:21] <KingAragorn> Me and anyone else who wants to help in contacting artists
[2011-09-04 20:05:40] <Morgan> and KA! ;-)
[2011-09-04 20:05:53] <KingAragorn> Well, if Gmail do it too I'm not opposed; I just know that Windows Live do it
[2011-09-04 20:05:55] <Hyarion> We could also just setup aliases so email goes to everyone's normal email account and they don't have to worry about a separate one
[2011-09-04 20:06:16] <KingAragorn> Yeah I would have had it forwarding anyway
[2011-09-04 20:06:23] <Hyarion> I've always just used my personal one when contacting artists, haven't really had a problem
[2011-09-04 20:06:55] <KingAragorn> Well they might think my normal email is unprofessional
[2011-09-04 20:07:41] <Hyarion> We'll look into it.
[2011-09-04 20:07:55] <Hyarion> We'll = I'll
[2011-09-04 20:08:02] <Morgan> good
[2011-09-04 20:08:17] <KingAragorn> As far as I know all you need to do is set up a DNS record once setup with Gmail/Windows Live
[2011-09-04 20:08:45] <KingAragorn> I know that Morgan is happy with his address :P
[2011-09-04 20:09:07] <Morgan> it sure looks nice!
[2011-09-04 20:09:36] <KingAragorn> OK, that's settled.
[2011-09-04 20:09:43] <KingAragorn> Next is "Languages portal: In the upper right of the portal pages there's is a list of portals, which includes a link to Portal:Languages. However, at this point, the portal doesn't exist. When will it be created and what should it include? Morgan's dictionary project?" from Amroth
[2011-09-04 20:11:26] <KingAragorn> Well, me and Morgan have a basic idea that it should be a kind of hub for everything language - it will certainly incorporate Morgan's dictionary project
[2011-09-04 20:11:41] <Amroth> Great
[2011-09-04 20:11:56] <KingAragorn> Although that project was put on hold because of certain grumblings
[2011-09-04 20:11:57] <Morgan> Yeah, links to the dict. and links to articles about languages
[2011-09-04 20:12:12] <KingAragorn> Yeah
[2011-09-04 20:12:19] <KingAragorn> Are you appeased Amroth?
[2011-09-04 20:12:23] <Ederchil> would the main portal also include links to external sites on languages?
[2011-09-04 20:12:35] <Amroth> yes
[2011-09-04 20:13:12] <Morgan> I wouldn't mind
[2011-09-04 20:13:13] <KingAragorn> Possibly, the idea hasn't been fleshed out
[2011-09-04 20:13:13] <Gamling> So would we cover the same things as Ardalambion does?
[2011-09-04 20:13:19] <KingAragorn> So any ideas now are welcome
[2011-09-04 20:13:40] <Morgan> Gamling: sort of (in short!)
[2011-09-04 20:14:50] <KingAragorn> Any more ideas to throw in anyone?
[2011-09-04 20:15:04] <Ederchil> Nope.
[2011-09-04 20:15:26] <KingAragorn> And to be clear, we're all happy to have a languages portal right?
[2011-09-04 20:15:36] <Gamling> Yes.
[2011-09-04 20:15:36] <Amroth> yes.
[2011-09-04 20:15:39] <Morgan> Wouldn't a portal basically be an overview of what we already have on TG?
[2011-09-04 20:15:46] <KingAragorn> Yeah
[2011-09-04 20:15:46] <Ederchil> yes
[2011-09-04 20:15:56] <KingAragorn> OK, awesome
[2011-09-04 20:16:10] <Morgan> So there's not so much to discuss then! ;-)
[2011-09-04 20:16:13] <KingAragorn> Finally, are there any other matters that anyone wants to discuss?
[2011-09-04 20:16:26] <KingAragorn> We postponed a lot last time I seem to rememebr
[2011-09-04 20:16:47] * KingAragorn waits for page to load
[2011-09-04 20:16:56] <Ederchil> Weren't those things that included absent people?
[2011-09-04 20:17:01] <Amroth> I wanted to put the minor plant articles for this meeting, but since Mith is absent I think it would be better to postpone that.
[2011-09-04 20:17:20] <KingAragorn> Well I was thinking that we could discuss the Quin/Vector thing at least
[2011-09-04 20:17:32] <KingAragorn> Or was that moved to the forums?
[2011-09-04 20:17:44] <Ederchil> Yes
[2011-09-04 20:18:01] <KingAragorn> OK good
[2011-09-04 20:18:19] <KingAragorn> What do people think of the file licensing templates? (Now that they're been implemented)
[2011-09-04 20:18:36] <KingAragorn> The drop-down licensing list should make it easy
[2011-09-04 20:18:47] <Gamling> I haven't used one myself.
[2011-09-04 20:18:48] <Ederchil> I like it. You forgot Vivendi, I think
[2011-09-04 20:18:52] <KingAragorn> Are there any other copyright holders that should be in the list?
[2011-09-04 20:19:02] <KingAragorn> Vivendi merged with someone
[2011-09-04 20:19:09] <KingAragorn> Probably Activision
[2011-09-04 20:19:15] <Morgan> Haven't checked out the "drop-down list" - where can we find it?
[2011-09-04 20:19:23] <KingAragorn> On the upload form
[2011-09-04 20:19:29] <Amroth> I haven't checked it, either.
[2011-09-04 20:19:30] <Morgan> Oh
[2011-09-04 20:19:55] <KingAragorn> So if you want something like a HarperCollins one for all your bookcovers just say
[2011-09-04 20:20:03] <Morgan> Hyarion: do you have time to restart TG?
[2011-09-04 20:20:16] <Hyarion> done.
[2011-09-04 20:20:21] <Morgan> thanks!
[2011-09-04 20:20:45] <Amroth> thanks from me too.
[2011-09-04 20:20:50] <Morgan> KA: is that a Mithilien tweak, or does it show up in my old Cavendish skin?
[2011-09-04 20:21:03] <Morgan> Oh, there, I found it
[2011-09-04 20:21:04] <KingAragorn> It should show up
[2011-09-04 20:21:04] <Morgan> Looks good!
[2011-09-04 20:21:25] <KingAragorn> Do you need any more specific ones? (common ones)
[2011-09-04 20:21:26] <Morgan> Yeah, it's very intuitive
[2011-09-04 20:21:36] <Amroth> Looks very nice.
[2011-09-04 20:21:47] <Amroth> Maybe, Melbourne House.
[2011-09-04 20:22:43] <KingAragorn> OK, one for the list
[2011-09-04 20:23:24] <KingAragorn> Any more?
[2011-09-04 20:23:42] <Amroth> Should WITN images be under Snowblind or Warner Bros?
[2011-09-04 20:24:21] <KingAragorn> One moment
[2011-09-04 20:24:23] <Gamling> So the Template:Map is for illustrations of maps by Tolkien, but not direct images of Tolkien's maps?
[2011-09-04 20:24:49] <Morgan> Gamling: yep, that was my thought
[2011-09-04 20:24:51] <KingAragorn> Oh that's one thing, I haven't decided what to do about map licensing
[2011-09-04 20:25:19] <Morgan> My idea was to have one article for every "well-known" map that Tolkien map
[2011-09-04 20:25:23] <Morgan> that Tolkien *made
[2011-09-04 20:25:26] <KingAragorn> Amroth, it should eb WB
[2011-09-04 20:25:28] <KingAragorn> *be
[2011-09-04 20:25:42] <Amroth> okay
[2011-09-04 20:25:45] <KingAragorn> I like that idea Morgan
[2011-09-04 20:26:01] <KingAragorn> Amroth, I think that I have already changed the current images over
[2011-09-04 20:26:06] <KingAragorn> to WB fairuse
[2011-09-04 20:26:35] <Morgan> Gamling: sorry! I thought you meant Template:Maps
[2011-09-04 20:26:48] <Morgan> (wasn't aware of the Template:Map)
[2011-09-04 20:27:38] <Morgan> So just ignore my comment! ;-)
[2011-09-04 20:27:46] <KingAragorn> OK, anything else
[2011-09-04 20:27:46] <Gamling> OK
[2011-09-04 20:27:53] <KingAragorn> I thought it was a nice comment nonetheless!
[2011-09-04 20:27:57] <Ederchil> nope.
[2011-09-04 20:28:14] <Morgan> Can I bring up a techie topic?
[2011-09-04 20:28:23] <KingAragorn> Absolutely not.
[2011-09-04 20:28:30] <Morgan> Haha!
[2011-09-04 20:28:31] <Amroth> Should we add more babel-templates?
[2011-09-04 20:28:32] <Ederchil> if I don't have to answer it.
[2011-09-04 20:28:56] <KingAragorn> OK, we'll take Morgan's techie question first
[2011-09-04 20:29:01] <Amroth> like
[2011-09-04 20:29:19] <Amroth> okay.
[2011-09-04 20:29:27] <Morgan> We have a problem with the speed of the Mediawiki engine (a new user recently complained about it, so it's not just us regular contributors noticing it).
[2011-09-04 20:29:47] <Morgan> I searched a little on google, and desipte being technically ignorant, perhaps I could suggest this:
[2011-09-04 20:29:49] <Morgan>
[2011-09-04 20:30:06] <Morgan> Hyarion, would there be anything there which we could try and implement?
[2011-09-04 20:30:52] <Morgan> I know you're working on the problem, but I just wanted to try to help a bit! ;-)
[2011-09-04 20:31:10] <Hyarion> I don't think it's the speed as much as something causing MediaWiki to get stuck in a loop every so often
[2011-09-04 20:31:22] <Hyarion> still haven't been able to pinpont it unfortunately
[2011-09-04 20:31:34] <Morgan> Yeah, when it's working properly it's very fast
[2011-09-04 20:32:31] <KingAragorn> OK, appeased Morgan?
[2011-09-04 20:32:43] <Morgan> yep
[2011-09-04 20:33:14] <KingAragorn> OK, Amroth - "Should we add more babel-templates?"
[2011-09-04 20:33:40] <Morgan> Sorry, what's a "babel-template"?
[2011-09-04 20:33:41] <Amroth> like
[2011-09-04 20:33:57] <Amroth> We already have some English ones.
[2011-09-04 20:34:03] <Morgan> Aha
[2011-09-04 20:34:13] <KingAragorn> I'm sure that we've discussed this before - regarding nationality ones
[2011-09-04 20:34:23] <KingAragorn> IIRC the green light was given
[2011-09-04 20:34:28] <KingAragorn> If you want to make them
[2011-09-04 20:34:35] <Amroth>
[2011-09-04 20:35:03] <Morgan> Yeah, I guess it comes down to that - if someone is keen on making such templates, why not
[2011-09-04 20:36:53] <KingAragorn> Anywho, are we all done?
[2011-09-04 20:37:06] <Ederchil> Guess so
[2011-09-04 20:37:12] <Amroth> Can I make the nationality-boxes aswell?
[2011-09-04 20:37:34] <KingAragorn> Yeah, remember to make ones for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
[2011-09-04 20:37:37] <Amroth> Or did somebody else already take that job?
[2011-09-04 20:37:45] <KingAragorn> And one for Britain overall too ;)
[2011-09-04 20:37:47] <Amroth> Certainly.
[2011-09-04 20:37:52] <Gamling> Will it include "Californian"?
[2011-09-04 20:37:57] |<-- Ederchil has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[2011-09-04 20:37:58] <Morgan> hehe
[2011-09-04 20:37:59] <Amroth> Jersey?
[2011-09-04 20:38:05] <KingAragorn> Because we're awkward like that
[2011-09-04 20:38:26] <KingAragorn> Well, is Californian a nationality per se?
[2011-09-04 20:38:42] <Gamling> Depends on who you ask.
[2011-09-04 20:38:48] <KingAragorn> Jersey doesn't deserve one
[2011-09-04 20:38:52] <Amroth> Should we have a Europian template.
[2011-09-04 20:39:09] <KingAragorn> I wouldn't bother with a European one or a Northern Irish one
[2011-09-04 20:39:13] <Morgan> no
[2011-09-04 20:39:40] <KingAragorn> Don't forget the Finland one for Morgan
[2011-09-04 20:39:41] <KingAragorn> :P
[2011-09-04 20:39:59] <Amroth> So we will have England, Scotland, Wales, N-Ireland, California, Europian, BeNeLux, Finland, Sweden and Germany.
[2011-09-04 20:40:09] <Amroth> Did I forget one?
[2011-09-04 20:40:31] <KingAragorn> I would oppose the Californian one as it would set a precedent to creating one for every single state
[2011-09-04 20:40:40] <Gamling> You don't have to have one for California.:P
[2011-09-04 20:40:56] <KingAragorn> Remove NI from the list
[2011-09-04 20:41:20] <Amroth> They're not unworthy enough?
[2011-09-04 20:41:38] <Amroth> worthy*
[2011-09-04 20:41:38] <KingAragorn> Is BeNeLux really a nationality or did you use it to cover the countries involved?
[2011-09-04 20:41:56] <Gamling> One for U.S.A.
[2011-09-04 20:42:05] <Amroth> I would want a BeNeLux nationality.
[2011-09-04 20:42:09] <KingAragorn> NI isn't really a nationality - you'd either say that you were Irish or British.
[2011-09-04 20:42:26] <KingAragorn> but if we get someone from NI who wants a NI one we'll make one :P
[2011-09-04 20:42:33] <KingAragorn> Seriously?
[2011-09-04 20:42:44] <Amroth> yes
[2011-09-04 20:42:58] <KingAragorn> Where's Ederchil when you need him
[2011-09-04 20:43:06] <KingAragorn> Would he want a BeNeLux one or a Dutch one?
[2011-09-04 20:43:19] <Amroth> I think we should have a BeNeLux confeceration.
[2011-09-04 20:43:47] <Amroth> We can have BeNeLux, Kingdom of the Nethrlands, Dutch.
[2011-09-04 20:45:06] <Gamling> So we're going double Dutch?
[2011-09-04 20:45:07] <KingAragorn> So: England, Scotland, Wales, UK, Ireland, BeNeLux, Netherlands, Sweden, [the] Lebanon, USA and Germany.
[2011-09-04 20:45:28] <KingAragorn> Yeah, what's the difference between Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch?
[2011-09-04 20:46:16] <Amroth> Kingdom of the Netherlands is Dutch, Arubans, CuraƧaons, Sint Maarteners and Caribean Dutch.
[2011-09-04 20:46:27] <Amroth> Dutch are only the civilians of the Europian Netherlands.
[2011-09-04 20:46:56] <Morgan> Is this a discussion of the category tree, or a discussion of the creation of user templates? If only user templates, I guess anything goes.
[2011-09-04 20:47:05] <KingAragorn> Can't is just say "This user is from the Netherlands?"
[2011-09-04 20:47:10] <KingAragorn> *it
[2011-09-04 20:47:24] <KingAragorn> Morgan, just the templates
[2011-09-04 20:47:45] <Amroth> Yes.
[2011-09-04 20:48:00] <Amroth> But we could do the same with the UK.
[2011-09-04 20:48:27] * KingAragorn smacks head
[2011-09-04 20:49:23] <KingAragorn> So one would say "This user is from the Kingdom of the Netherlands" and another would say "This user is from the Netherlands"?
[2011-09-04 20:49:55] <Amroth> Maybe we could also just take the same template.
[2011-09-04 20:49:59] <KingAragorn> And a "This user is from the BeNeLux" too?
[2011-09-04 20:50:26] <KingAragorn> If you're worried about the term "Dutch" it need not appear at all
[2011-09-04 20:50:30] <Amroth> and you have to fill in "Country = "
[2011-09-04 20:51:06] <KingAragorn> Possibly, but you'd have to make it a fancy template so the flags would switch
[2011-09-04 20:51:06] <Amroth> Since it has the same flag.
[2011-09-04 20:51:15] <KingAragorn> Oh
[2011-09-04 20:51:18] <KingAragorn> OK
[2011-09-04 20:51:42] <Amroth> That could do it.
[2011-09-04 20:51:43] <KingAragorn> I thought you meant the same template for all nationalities
[2011-09-04 20:52:47] <KingAragorn> Do what ever pleases you and your nationality
[2011-09-04 20:53:17] <KingAragorn> Though I'm still not convinced BeNeLux is a nationality
[2011-09-04 20:53:37] <Amroth> We can skip BeNeLux.
[2011-09-04 20:53:52] <KingAragorn> Also why BeNeLux? why not NeBeLux or LuxBeNE etc.?
[2011-09-04 20:53:56] <KingAragorn> :P
[2011-09-04 20:54:14] <KingAragorn> OK, is there anything else?
[2011-09-04 20:54:29] <Gamling> Nope.
[2011-09-04 20:54:37] <Amroth> no
[2011-09-04 20:54:46] <KingAragorn> OK awesome.
[2011-09-04 20:54:55] <KingAragorn> Meeting adjourned.