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Hello there!

A little about me:

I'm a student at a Fine Arts Academy. I'm a great fan of Tolkien and his works, my favourites includes: LotR, Silmarillion, The Hobbit, Children of Hurin, Unfinished Tales. I also read the HoME and Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. I consider myself a humble Tolkienist, for the learning process of his world never truly ends. I try to read essays written by fellow fans with reliable knowledge of the Middle-earth, so that I can have different points of view on certain subjects. I also studied Sindarin and have a general understanding of the language. I have knowledge on any subject in the books I read, though my focus of interest has always been on Elves and their history and language, therefore my knowledge of them and their culture is considerably better.

I'm sort of new to TG as an editor, though I have been reading and following it for a longer time. I aim to help with the articles by adding new sources or information and also categorizing the contents of the sources to seperate different versions to make the articles simpler and and better organised for all readers. I also intend to help with such articles by making them seem more objective and academic. I work with a lot of notes open in front me on my desk and my computer screen so sometimes I skip or forget something that I wanted to add to the articles. If you notice me editing the same article more than once, I apologize for the messy work. I'm working on improving my editing skills :)