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[edit] About Me

I am a high school student and a fan of Tolkien's works. While I am eager to expand my knowledge over Tolkien's writings, I by no means consider myself an expert, and gear my revisions of this wiki towards correcting typos, grammar, link problems and references. I occasionally make somewhat more major changes as I learn how the wiki works, but I do my very best to be careful. If I do something wrong, PLEASE let me know on my talk page.

For any new users with those simple questions that are awkward to ask (I have a lot of those, it seems), I'll be happy to help to the best of my ability, although I can't promise I'll be of much use when it comes to the more complex details. Still, I suppose in the worst case scenario we can be confused together. Again, if I do something wrong in my edits, please let me know so I don't do it again. I love this site, and hold it as a valuable resource. The last thing I want to do is create problems for the other users. Thank you!

[edit] My Library

By the Tolkiens:


[edit] Favorites

The funny thing about me is, I have trouble picking favorites, mainly because I have too many of them. But I suppose if you've read this far on my user page, I haven't bored you to death yet, so I might as well ramble a bit more. It's just a list of favorite characters right now, I might add other things later.


Of the Elves:

  • Finrod Felagund: There is something special about Finrod's personality, and I think, when simply put, it is that he is one of the kindest characters of the legendarium. He is wise and powerful, but also generous and loyal. Those traits, when combined, make up the greatest of leaders.
  • Glorfindel: If I remember correctly (okay, I checked, page 107-108 in my copy of The Fall of Gondolin), Glorfindel was sort of everybody's favorite. And I have to say, he kind of earned it.
  • Ecthelion: the version from the Book of Lost Tales, mostly because there's more information there. Even severely injured, he rose to defend Tuor from Gothmog lord of Balrogs, and gave his life in the defense of his friend and city. And then afterwards, as if that weren't enough to win a spot on the favorites list, young Eärendel remarks that he wishes Ecthelion were with him to "play to me on his flute, or make me willow whistles!"
  • Maedhros and Maglor: I'll be the first to admit they had some serious issues, but of the sons of Fëanor, they are my favorites. Maedhros because he has such an interesting, and in my opinion, well-developed character that blends a bit of a temper with wisdom and compassion. Not necessarily the sort of person I'd like to meet, but certainly an interesting character. And I consider Maglor to be the kindest of the sons of Fëanor, and the most regretful.

Of the other races (yes, the Elves are my favorite, they get their own section):

  • Faramir: Faramir went through so much, but he always had time for mercy and compassion. The story behind his creation as a character interests me too. I think the article explains it pretty well here.
  • Ioreth: She is so incredibly talkative and annoying that it makes me laugh. Aragorn and Gandalf seemed less than thrilled, however.
  • Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin: I really did try picking a favorite hobbit, but after I sat for a while thinking about it I decided I couldn't. They're all special, in their own ways.