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The following page lists all the orc names i could find, and their potential etymologies where one can be found.

Be aware that this is only a rough guess, and that the info on this page might not be accurate. Also, much of the info in this page only concerns the adaptions, so do not treat all of this as canon.

[edit] The list

  • Azog: Unknown. According to an orkish word list by david salo "azog" seems to mean "out seeking", this however, only seems to be canon for the movies. Many fanmade etymologies also exist, but none of them are based of canon information.
  • Bolg: "Strong" in Mágol
  • Fimbul: "Great" in Old norse
  • Goblin Scribe: No etymology can be given as the character is unnamed
  • Golfimbul: Something containing the old norse word "Great"
  • Gorbag: Unknown
  • Great Goblin: No etymology can be given as the character is unnamed
  • Grinnah: Unknown
  • Grishnákh: Unknown
  • Keeper of the Dungeons: No etymology can be given as the character is unnamed
  • Lagduf: Might contain "Uf", also found in ufthak
  • Lugdush: Unknown, but contains what appears to be the Black speech word Lug, which means "tower". Given the fact that tower is sometimes used in the legendarium to show that something is tall (example: morgoth's height is compared to a tower), it might actually represent "height" in the name. The word “Dush” also appears in the Black speech translation of minas morgul (dushgoi) but it’s unknown what it means
  • Lurtz: Unknown
  • Mauhúr: Unknown
  • Muzgash: Might contain "One"
  • Narzug: Unknown
  • Radbug: Unknown
  • Ragash: Apparently "Tearing one" according to this
  • Shagrat: unknown
  • Sharku: "Old Man" in Black Speech
  • Yazneg: Apparently "Nameless" according to this
  • Uglúk: Unknown