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"Nai Eru manyuva tanwenya ar tératuvas!"
Aulë in Quenta Silmarillion, "Of Aulë and Yavanna"

Tolkien Gateway already helped me a lot, so I want to help making it bigger and wholesome. I'm from Spain, but I have most of the bibliography both in Spanish and English, and I enjoy checking both languages. My English is still on work, so I appreciate all the corrections, specially with the long texts.

My favourite character is Finrod Felagund, but I think Tom Bombadil is the most important character in all the Legendarium. I believe the Eldar had Baroque dances.

As a converted Catholic, I like to study about Tolkien's spirituality and theology. I also love Quenya and when I have time I "translate" the works of Riener Quentandil, but currently I'm working on too many projects. Tolkien taught me I should finish things, but I can't help beginning things when new ideas come.

Occasionally I edit videos, like the Namárië.

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