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My fanfictions posted here (or those to be written and posted here) are listed below:

===The Noldorin Cycle===
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This story is the first of the stories primarily about Alcawë, later to become Aglaru Bregolharn. In it he and his cousins Ranyar and Turotulco go with Fingolfin and Fëanor in the Return of the Noldor.
This story follows Ranyar, now a Lord of the Gondothlim called Randir Nathernil, through the coming of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin. There is intrigue and adventure even before the Fall as Maeglin plots against Tuor and Idril, as well as Idril's bodyguard — Randir.
  • Bregolharn Star of Brilliance, Star in the ShadowsComing Soon
This chapter in the history of Middle-earth records the exploits of Aglaru Bregolharn, from the Dagor Bragollach, to the destruction of the Falas, to the struggles at the Havens of Sirion.
This details the adventures of Aglaru and his son Naurhen, who is called Aerandir. They live at Caras-Giliath, until Aglaru sends his son to the Mouths of the Sirion for training, and an apprenticeship to Eärendil.

[edit] The Sindarin Cycle

[edit] The Ad Cuinant Cycle