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brand (word)

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This article is about an Elvish word. For the character in The Hobbit, see Brand.


[edit] Sindarin

brand or brann is a Sindarin word meaning "towering; 'tall and massive'". The form brand is also said to mean "steeple". The words brand, brann also appear to signify "sublime".[1]

[edit] Etymology

[edit] Examples

[edit] Exilic Noldorin

brand or brann is an Exilic Noldorin word meaning "lofty, noble, fine".[2]

Tolkien apparently used the word brann to translate "high" in a Noldorin phrase inscribed on a draft of Thrór's Map.[3][4][5]

[edit] Etymology

From Primitive Quendian b’randā, root BARÁD.[2]

[edit] Compounds

[edit] Examples


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