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Brytta Léofa (Third Age 2752 – 2842, aged 90 years) was the eleventh King of Rohan.

Brytta was the son of Fréaláf Hildeson, and became king after the death of his father in Third Age 2798.

During his reign Rohan was still recovering from the war with the Dunlendings, and hostilities remained at the western borders. Brytta continued his father's habits of helping those in need, earning him the name Léofa, "Beloved", in the Rohirric tongue.

Asides from the troubles with the Dunlendings his rule saw a new trouble, as the War of the Dwarves and Orcs caused great numbers of Orcs to flee from the Misty Mountains, trying to make a home in the White Mountains south of Rohan. Brytta fought off these Orcs, and when he died it was believed Rohan was free of Orcs.

He ruled for 44 years, and was succeeded by his son Walda at his death in 2842.

Preceded by:
11th King of Rohan
III 2798 – 2842
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