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Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft server that is trying to faithfully create Middle Earth in the game, with photos of locations and a relationship with using the information on your server for research, it would be awesome if you were to add our images of locations that we have built on the server!

In addition, one of our team has mentioned this before but we are seeing if we would be able to be put on the Tolkien Games List. I see that Ardacraft, a server similar to ours is already on the list and has photos of the locations they have completed in the related galleries. Unsigned comment by NelmanBlack (talk • contribs).

Hi. You can surely make an article about your server. I'm not an admin, so I'm not one to decide, but we cannot include Minecraft servers in the "Portrayal in adaptations" sections, as they are not official adaptations. I didn't say anything when Ardacraft was included there because I think these kind of projects deserve attention and it was the only one in the wiki. We should eventually delete it from those sections, as it doesn't have more right to be there than your server, and obviously we cannot include every Minecraft project. --LorenzoCB 08:14, 3 August 2021 (UTC)