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The timeline on this website assumes that the Cirth were invented in 1300 and that Daeron improved them in 1350. I believed this scenario for quite a while now, and I believe most articles follow it as well, for instance the one on the Certhas Daeron, but I would be interested in seeing the original source. I assumed it would be said in the Grey Annals, but I could find no statement there to back the scenario up; quite the opposite in fact: in the Grey Annals, there is no mention of the Cirth being ever renewed during the Old Sindarin period and instead it is portrayed as if they were invented some time between 1350 and 1495.

So, do any of you know a source stating when the Cirth were invented and when they were updated? Unsigned comment by Faenor (talk • contribs).

Check Annals of Aman, note on §85. Also Grey Annals, note on §31. If the Runes were invented in Y.T. 1300 and the Dwarves adopted them Y.T. 1350, it is quite pertinent to deduce they were already improved. It is true that the sources do not explicitly give the date of update, but the idea is having a coherence in the Timeline. --LorenzoCB 19:35, 9 August 2020 (UTC)

in notes §85 and §86 of the Annals of Aman I find no mention of the Cirth, but only of the wedding of Earwen and the arrival of the Nandor. And note §31 deals with the time after the Nandors' arrival (in 1350) and says that in that time the Cirth were invented. Am I having an outdated form of the script? I've read WJ13/14 and Morgoth's Ring page 91.