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Lake Evendim

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Lake Evendim
Šárka Škorpíková - Nenuial (Lake Evendim).jpg
"Nenuial (Lake Evendim)" by Šárka Škorpíková
General Information
Other namesNenuial
LocationCentral Eriador, in the Hills of Evendim west of Fornost Erain
DescriptionLarge lake partly encircled by hills
Major townsAnnúminas stood on the shores of this lake
EventsBattle of Fornost
GalleryImages of Lake Evendim

Lake Evendim, or Nenuial ("Lake of Twilight") in Sindarin, was a lake in northern Eriador.

The lake was about 100 miles north of the Shire. It was approximately 50 miles from north to south and 20 miles east to west[1] and was bounded on the west and south by the Emyn Uial (Hills of Evendim).[2] The Baranduin or Brandywine River flowed out of the lake to the east.[1]



It is said that after the War of Wrath, both Galadriel and Celeborn crossed into Eriador from Lindon with many Noldor in their following, together with Sindar and Green-elves; and for a while they dwelt in the country about Lake Nenuial.[3] They departed for Eregion in S.A. 750.[3]

In the Second Age, there were lesser men living about Lake Evendim, some of whom met with the Númenóreans when they first sailed back to Middle-earth.[4][5]

After the Downfall of Númenor, Elendil established the capital of Arnor, Annúminas, on the southern shore of the lake in S.A. 3320.[6]

In T.A. 1975,[7] the Battle of Fornost was fought on the plain between Lake Evendim and the North Downs between the Host of the West and the forces of Angmar.[8]

In Fo.A. 15 King Elessar rode from Minas Tirith to spend some time dwelling by the Lake.[9]


"Lake Evendim" is a translation into English of Sindarin Nenuial, literally “Lake Twilight.” According to Appendix D, uial meant just “twilight”; the word for “evening,” or “star-opening” was minuial, while the equivalent for the morning was aduial. “These were often called in the Shire morrowdim and evendim” (ibid.). The Quenya equivalents were tíndómë and undómë; the latter being the basis of Arwen's cognomen Undómiel, "Evenstar" in English.

Portrayal in adaptations

2007-: The Lord of the Rings Online:

While possible to swim across, swift travel across Lake Evendim (located in the region of Evendim) is provided by several boatkeepers.[10]

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