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Locations named after Tolkien's works

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Several locations have been given names after fictional locations of Tolkien's Middle-earth.


Titan is one of Saturn's moons. Geological features are named after mythological figures, but some are named after works of fiction. A few of them are named after Frank Herbert's Dune universe; the mountains and ridges (montes) are named after mountains of Arda.[1]

The named montes of Titan are: Angmar Montes, Dolmed Montes, Doom Mons, Echoriat Montes, Erebor Mons, Gram Montes, Irensaga Montes, Merlock Montes, Mindolluin Montes, Misty Montes, Mithrim Montes, Rerir Montes, Taniquetil Montes.

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