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[edit] Quenya

mindon is a noun meaning "lofty tower" in Quenya. Compare with minas in Sindarin.[1][2]

[edit] Examples

[edit] Sindarin/Noldorin

mindon means "isolated hill ... especially a hill with a watch-tower" in Noldorin.[3] Evidently, this meaning was retained in Sindarin in the contraction min, as Tolkien wrote in his unfinished index that Min-Rimmon meant "peak of the Rimmon".[4][note 1]

[edit] Etymology

From Primitive Quendian minitunda or minitaun, derived from roots MINI + TUN.[3]

[edit] Examples


  1. It is a bit unclear if Hammond and Scull interpret the meaning to be Sindarin, or if Tolkien so actually wrote in the unpublished manuscript.


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