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O! What are you doing?

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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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O! What are you doing? is a poem found within the chapter "A Short Rest" of The Hobbit. It is sung by the Elves of Rivendell as the Company crossed the bridge into Rivendell. This poem type is seen once again in the chapter "The Last Stage" called The dragon is withered.

This poem reflects the joy of the Elven-folk as they seemed not to have a care for the dangers of the world. It was described as "a burst of song like laughter in the trees". "The valley" refers to Rivendell, their home. After the Elves finished this poem they moved on to another ridiculous song.

[edit] Text

O! What are you doing,
And where are you going?
Your ponies need shoeing!
The river is flowing!
   O! tra-la-la-lally
        here down in the valley!

O! What are you seeking,
And where are you making?
The faggots are reeking,
The bannocks are baking!
    O! tril-lil-lil-lolly
        the valley is jolly,
             ha! ha!

O! Where are you going
With beards all a-wagging?
No knowing, no knowing
What brings Mister Baggins,
   And Balin and Dwalin
       down into the valley
            in June
            ha! ha!

O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!
To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
     And listen and hark
     Till the end of the dark
        to our tune
        ha! ha!

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