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'''Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor''' is the sixth chapter of the [[Quenta Silmarillion]] section within [[The Silmarillion]].
'''Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor''' is the sixth chapter of the [[Quenta Silmarillion]] section within [[The Silmarillion]].
[[File:Steamey - Finwë Mourning Míriel.jpg|thumb|left|''Finwë Mourning Míriel'' by [[:Category:Images by Steamey|Steamey]]]]
There was much glory and bliss during the days of the [[Noontide of Valinor]]. In those days the [[Noldor]] learned great skill of craftsmanship, and [[Rúmil]] of [[Tirion]] first created [[Sarati|signs for writing]]. The son of [[Finwë]] and [[Miriel]] was also born during this time was, and he was called [[Fëanor]]. However, after the birth of Fëanor, Miriel was consumed in body and spirit, and longed for release from life. Finwë was troubled, and Miriel departed to Lorien, where it was hoped she would find healing and rest. But even as she lay down to sleep, her spirit left her body and came to the [[Halls of Mandos]], and Finwë grieved the loss of his wife.
He afterwards devoted all of his love to his son Fëanor, who grew to be mightiest among the Noldor in body and mind. Fëanor became skilled in the making of gems and bright jewels. He was wedded to [[Nerdanel]], whose father [[Mahtan]] taught him much of the working of metal and stone. To Fëanor Nerdanel bore [[Sons of Fëanor|seven sons]].
Now Finwë the father of Fëanor wedded [[Indis]], his second wife, and was happy again. But Fëanor cared little for Indis, or for her sons, [[Fingolfin]] and [[Finarfin]], and there was division between them. It came to pass that [[Melkor]] was granted pardon, and was released to dwell in [[Valmar]], having served his term. For [[Manwë]] perceived not the evil that remained in Melkor’s heart, though not all the [[Valar]] were deceived. And Melkor afterwards feigned friendship with the Noldor, teaching them much. Many were eager to learn what he taught, but Fëanor despised him most among the [[Eldalië]].

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