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Other Minds 21

Other Minds 21
EditorThomas Morwinsky, Hawke Robinson
PublisherOther Minds Volunteers
ReleasedAugust 2019

Other Minds 21 is the twentyfirst issue of Other Minds, a magazine devoted to Middle-earth Role Playing and other role playing games set in Middle-earth, published in August 2019.


  • "Editorial: Summer in Middle-earth"
  • "The Road Goes Ever On"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Inside Information"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "The History of Mount Gundabad"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "MERP-TOR Conversion Rules"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "The History of Angmar"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Middle-earth in Miniature V: The Orces"
    • By José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa
  • "The Missing Kids of Bree"
    • By Andreas Erdmann
  • "Creatures of Middle-earth: Werewolves (S. Gaur)"
    • By: Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Clash of the Viglundings"
    • By: David Cole
  • Artwork / Maps:
    • By: Aegeri, Antti Autio, Sergio Artigas, Onur Bakar, Anke Eißmann, Elroi, Andreas Erdmann, Wouter Florusse, Olanda Fong-Surdenas, Caspar David Friedrich, Donato Giancolla, Gin Hardiarso, John Howe, Jowita, Pierre Joubert, Liiga Klavina, Joona Kujanen, J. Lazarus, Angus McBride, Turner Mohan, Jan Pospíšil, Bunny Powell, Peter Xavier Price, Matthew Stewart, Ari Suonpää, Tuuliky, José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa