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Saradoc Brandybuck

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[[Category:Fourth Age characters]]

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Saradoc Brandybuck
The Lord of the Rings Online - Saradoc Brandybuck.jpg
Saradoc Brandybuck from The Lord of the Rings Online
Biographical Information
Other namesScattergold
TitlesMaster of Buckland
LocationBrandy Hall, Buckland
BirthS.R. 1340
RuleS.R. 1408 - 1432
DeathS.R. 1432 (aged 92)
ParentageRorimac Brandybuck and Menegilda Goold
SpouseEsmeralda Took
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Saradoc Brandybuck

Saradoc "Scattergold" Brandybuck was a Hobbit and Master of Buckland.


Saradoc was the son of Rorimac Brandybuck. He married Esmeralda Took, and had one child, Meriadoc, who joined the Company of the Ring. With his father, wife and son, he was present at Bilbo's Farewell Party.

Saradoc became Master of Buckland after his father's death in S.R. 1408.[1]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Saradoc Brandybuck can be found ouside Brandy Hall in Buckland. He sends the player to look for young Doderic Brandybuck in the Old Forest.


  1. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix C, "Brandybuck of Buckland"
Saradoc Brandybuck
Brandybuck Family
Born: S.R. 1340 Died: S.R. 1432
Preceded by:
Rorimac Brandybuck
Master of Buckland
S.R. 1408 - 1432
Followed by:
Meriadoc Brandybuck

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