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(Neo-Quenya translations)
(Neo-Quenya translations)
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| [[Barad Nimras]] || Tower of the White-horn || ''Marto Ninquerasseo?''  
| [[Barad Nimras]] || Tower of the White-horn || ''Marto Ninquerasseo?''  
| [[Bar-en-Danwedh]] || House of Petty-dwarves || ''Nuxomar''  
| [[Bar-en-Danwedh]] || House of Ransom || ''Nanwermar''  
| [[Bar-en-Nibin-noeg]] || House of Ransom || ''Nanweremar''  
| [[Bar-en-Nibin-noeg]] || House of Petty-dwarves || ''Nuxomar''  
| [[Bar Erib]] || Dwelling of the Lonely Ones || ''Eressemar''  
| [[Bar Erib]] || Dwelling of the Lonely Ones || ''Eressemar?<br />Erembar?''  
| <s>Balar</s> || [[Bay of Balar]] || ''Hópa Valarwa''  
| <s>Balar</s> || [[Bay of Balar]] || ''Hópa Valarwa?<br />Cóva Valarwa?''  
| <s>Balar</s> || [[Cape Balar]] || ''Valarwa Nortil''  
| <s>Balar</s> || [[Cape Balar]] || ''Valarwa Nortil''  
Line 123: Line 123:
| [[Balar]] || Isle of Balar || ''Tol Valarwa''  
| [[Balar]] || Isle of Balar || ''Tol Valarwa''  
| [[Brethil]] Forest || Silver Birch || ''Taurehwinde''  
| [[Brethil]] Forest || Silver Birch || ''Hwintaure''  
| [[Brilthor]] River || Glittering Torrent || ''Rilyasoron Síre''  
| [[Brilthor]] River || Glittering Torrent || ''Rilyasoron''  
| [[Brithon]] River || Pebbly || ''Sardinca Síre''  
| [[Brithon]] River || Pebbly || ''Sarnie''  
| [[Brithombar]] || Brithon Home || ''Sardincamar''  
| [[Brithombar]] || Brithon Home || ''Sarniembar''  
| [[Cabed-en-Aras]] || Leap of the Deer || ''Capie Arasseo''
| [[Cabed-en-Aras]] || Leap of the Deer || ''Capie Arasseo''
| [[Cabed Naeramarth]] || Leap of Dreadful Doom || ''Capie Nairambaro''
| [[Cabed Naeramarth]] || Leap of Dreadful Doom || ''Capie Nairumbarto?''
| [[Caragdûr]] || Dark Spike || ''Luncarca?''
| [[Caragdûr]] || Dark Spike || ''Luncarca?''
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| [[Celon]] River || Stream Flowing Down || ''Celume Síre''  
| [[Celon]] River || Stream Flowing Down || ''Celume Síre''  
| [[Cirith Ninniach]] || Rainbow Cliff? || ''Ilwerancirya?''
| [[Cirith Ninniach]] || Rainbow Cliff? || ''Nenyaccirya?''
| [[Cirith Thoronath]] || Eagles' Cleft || ''Soroncirya''  
| [[Cirith Thoronath]] || Eagles' Cleft || ''Soroncirya''  
| [[Crissaegrim]] || Cleft Sharp Peaks || ''Ciryaicarimbe''  
| [[Crissaegrim]] || Cleft Sharp Peaks || ''Cirissaicar''  
| [[Dimbar]] || Sad Home || Lumbar  
| [[Dimbar]] || Sad Home || Lumbar  
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| [[Dimrost]] || Rainy Stair || ??
| [[Dimrost]] || Rainy Stair || ??
| [[Dolmed]] Mount || Wet Head || ''Oronenda''  
| [[Dolmed]] Mount || Wet Head || ''Nendol''  
| [[Dor Caranthir]] || Land of Caranthir || ''Carnistirdóre''  
| [[Dor Caranthir]] || Land of Caranthir || ''Carnistirdóre''  
Line 163: Line 163:
| [[Dor Firn-i-Guinar]] || Land of the Dead that Live || ''Firini-i-Cuitar Nóre''  
| [[Dor Firn-i-Guinar]] || Land of the Dead that Live || ''Firini-i-Cuitar Nóre''  
| [[Dorthonion]] || Land of the Pine Trees || ''Sónenóre''  
| [[Dorthonion]] || Land of the Pine Trees || ''Sondórie''  
| [[Drengist]] || Narrow Firth || ''Náhetsir''  
| [[Drengist]] || Narrow Firth || ''Náhetsir''  
Line 209: Line 209:
| [[Glithui]] River || ?? || ??  
| [[Glithui]] River || ?? || ??  
| [[Haudh-en-Ndengin]] || Mound of the Slain || ''Haura Nahtieo''  
| [[Haudh-en-Ndengin]] || Mound of the Slain || ''Haura Nahtainoron<br />Hamna Nahtainoron''  
| [[Helevorn]] Lake || Black Glass || ''Cilimorna''  
| [[Helevorn]] Lake || Black Glass || ''Cilimornie''  
| [[Himring]] || Ever Cold || ''Oioringe''  
| [[Himring]] || Ever Cold || ''Oioringe''  
Line 217: Line 217:
| [[Iant Iaur]] || Old Bridge || ''Yára Yanta''  
| [[Iant Iaur]] || Old Bridge || ''Yára Yanta''  
| [[Ladros]] || Plain of Rain? || ''Nandarosse''
| [[Ladros]] || Plain of Rain? || ''Nandarosse''  
| [[Lammoth]] || Great Echo || ''Lámon''  
| [[Lammoth]] || Great Echo || ''Lámon''  
Line 267: Line 267:
| [[Nenning]] River || ?? || ??  
| [[Nenning]] River || ?? || ??  
| [[Nevrast]] || Hither Shore || ''Sirahresta''  
| [[Nevrast]] || Hither Shore || ''Nevarasse''  
| [[Nimbrethil]] || White-birches || ''Ninquihwindien''  
| [[Nimbrethil]] || White-birches || ''Ninquihwindien''  
| [[Nivrim]] || West March || ''Númeríma''  
| [[Nivrim]] || West March || ''Númeríma?<br />Númellane?''  
| [[Orfalch Echor]] || High Cleft of the Outer Circle? || ??
| [[Orfalch Echor]] || High Cleft of the Outer Circle? || ??
Line 303: Line 303:
| [[Talath Dirnen]] || Guarded Plain || ''Talma Tirina''  
| [[Talath Dirnen]] || Guarded Plain || ''Talma Tirina''  
| <s>Taras</s> || [[Mount Taras]] || ''Oron Taras''  
| <s>Taras</s> || [[Mount Taras]] || ''Tarasse''  
| [[Taur-en-Faroth]] || Forest of the Hunter || ''Taure Farataro''  
| [[Taur-en-Faroth]] || Forest of the Hunter || ''Farataure''  
| [[Taur-im-Duinath]] || Forest between Rivers || ''Taure'' imbe Siryat
| [[Taur-im-Duinath]] || Forest between Rivers || ''Taure imbe Siryat''
| [[Taeglin]] River || Boundary Singer || ''Landalindo Síre''
| [[Taeglin]] River || Boundary Singer || ''Taicalin(d-)''
| [[Thalos]] River || Torrent, Falling Steeply? || ''Lanta Síre?''  
| [[Thalos]] River || Torrent, Falling Steeply? || ''Lantie?''  
| [[Thangorodrim]] || Mountains of Tyranny || ''Orosangar?''
| [[Thangorodrim]] || Mountains of Tyranny || ''Orosangar?''

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Christopher Tolkien - Map of Beleriand (colored by H.E. Riddett).jpg
"Nórihalme Valariando ar i Nórion Formenna" ló Hristofer Arcastarion
General Information
Other namesHeceldamar, Valariande, Beleriand (S)
LocationEndóre, rómesse Alataireo
RegionsAndúna Valariande, Rómenya Valariande
People and History
InhabitantsEldar, Sindar, Atani, Naucor, Orqui...
DestroyedF.A. 587
EventsOhta Mírion

Personal project to translate all Sindarin names of the First Age into Neo-Quenya, to improve the Noldorin perspective of Beleriand, also for a future translation of the Quenta Silmarillion. Although created by User:LorenzoCB, everybody is free to edite this page.

I try to find a balance between literal translation and phonetic similarity. Non-canon translations are all in italics, while all Elvish names with normal typography can be easily consulted. Shibboleth of Fëanor is imperative. Neologisms are taken from Eldamo's list.


Beleriand geography and realms

Canonical Quenya names

Sindarin Meaning Quenya Tengwar transcription
Beleriand Country of Balar Ingolonde / Heceldamar `Bs^j^2$ = 9VaRm#t#6
Angband Iron Prison Angamando `Cs#t#2^
Belegaer Great Sea Alataire `Cj#1lE7R
Belegost Great City Túrosto 1~M7Y81Y
Doriath Land of the Fence Lestanóre j$81E5~N7R
Arvernien Land beside the Verna Arvernien `C6yR65%`V5
Dor-lómin Echoing Land Lóminóre j~Nt%5~N7R
Ered Luin Blue Mountains Lúnoronti j~M5^7Y4%
Falas Shore Falasse eDj#,R
Gondolin Singing Stone Ondolinde `N2^j%2$
Hithlum Land of Mist Hísilóme 9~BiTj~Nt$
Lindon Land of Music Lindóne j%2~N5$
Minas Tirith Tower of the Guard Tiristemindon 1T7T81Rt%2^5
Nan-tathren Land of Willows Taþarinan / Nan-taþion 1E3D7T5#5 = 5#4#3G`N5
Nogrod Hollowbold Návarot 5~CyE7Y1
Sirion River Great River Sirion iT7T`N5
Taur-nu-Fuin Forest under Night Taure Huinéva 1.D7R 9M`B5~VyE
Tumladen Wide Valley Tumbolatsin 1Jw^j#1iT5
Vinyamar New Home Vinyamar yT5#Ìt#6

Neo-Quenya translations

Sindarin name Meaning Neo-Quenya
Adurant River Double course Atwaranta Síre
Aelin-uial Meres of Twilight Ailini-úyaleo
Aeluin Blue Lake Luinailin
Amon Darthir Enduring Hill? Sorn' Ambo
Amon Ereb Lonely Hill Erinqu' Ambo
Amon Ethir Hill of Spies Ambo Ettirnoron
Amon Gwareth Hill of Watch Tirambo
Amon Obel Fortified Hill Ambopele
Amon Rûdh Bald Hill Parn' Ambo
Anach Long Neck? And' Axe
Andram Long Wall Andaramba
Androth Long Cave Andarotto
Anfauglith Great Gasping Dust Anfaucalitse
Anghabar Iron Delvings Angasamna?
Annon-in-Gelydh Gate of the Noldor Ando Ñoldoron
Ard-galen Green Region Ardalaica
Aros River Bloody? Reddish? Carnisíre
Arossiach Fords of Aros Yaltar Carnisírion
Arthórien Hidden Realm  ??
Ascar River Rushing Arauca Síre
Barad Nimras Tower of the White-horn Marto Ninquerasseo?
Bar-en-Danwedh House of Ransom Nanwermar
Bar-en-Nibin-noeg House of Petty-dwarves Nuxomar
Bar Erib Dwelling of the Lonely Ones Eressemar?
Balar Bay of Balar Hópa Valarwa?
Cóva Valarwa?
Balar Cape Balar Valarwa Nortil
Balar Isle of Balar Tol Valarwa
Brethil Forest Silver Birch Hwintaure
Brilthor River Glittering Torrent Rilyasoron
Brithon River Pebbly Sarnie
Brithombar Brithon Home Sarniembar
Cabed-en-Aras Leap of the Deer Capie Arasseo
Cabed Naeramarth Leap of Dreadful Doom Capie Nairumbarto?
Caragdûr Dark Spike Luncarca?
Celebros River Silver Foam Telperosse Síre
Celon River Stream Flowing Down Celume Síre
Cirith Ninniach Rainbow Cliff? Nenyaccirya?
Cirith Thoronath Eagles' Cleft Soroncirya
Crissaegrim Cleft Sharp Peaks Cirissaicar
Dimbar Sad Home Lumbar
Dimrost Rainy Stair  ??
Dolmed Mount Wet Head Nendol
Dor Caranthir Land of Caranthir Carnistirdóre
Dor-Cúarthol Land of Bow and Helm Nóre Cúmarsólo?
Dor Daedeloth Land of Great Dread Altayelmenóre
Dor Dínen Land of Silence Quildenóre
Dor Firn-i-Guinar Land of the Dead that Live Firini-i-Cuitar Nóre
Dorthonion Land of the Pine Trees Sondórie
Drengist Narrow Firth Náhetsir
Dry River Dry River Parca Síre
Duilwen River Fresh/Green River Wenya Síre
Dwarf-road Dwarf-road of Beleriand Naucotie
Echoriad Encircling Fence Ettelehahta??
Eglarest Forsaken Cut Heceldarista
Eithel Ivrin Pools of ??  ??
Eithel Nínui Tearful Spring Ehtele Niener
Ehtele Nienaite
Eithel Sirion Sirion's Well Ehtele Siriono
Emyn Eglain Hills of the Forsaken Heceldambor
Ered Engrin Iron Mountains Orangar
Ered Gorgoroth Mountains of Terror Orongortor?
Ered Lómin Echoing Mountains Orolámar
Ered Wethrin Mountains of Shadow Orovasar
Esgalduin River Veiled River Ixalduine
Estolad Encampment Estolie
Serech Fen of Blood? Sercemotto?
Gelion River Merry Singer? Avilan?
Gelion Greater Gelion Ho' Avilan
Gelion Little Gelion Níc' Avilan
Ginglith River  ??  ??
Glithui River  ??  ??
Haudh-en-Ndengin Mound of the Slain Haura Nahtainoron
Hamna Nahtainoron
Helevorn Lake Black Glass Cilimornie
Himring Ever Cold Oioringe
Iant Iaur Old Bridge Yára Yanta
Ladros Plain of Rain? Nandarosse
Lammoth Great Echo Lámon
Lanthir Lamath Waterfall of Echoing Voices Lantasíre Lámaron
Legolin River Running Free Lehtalimbe Síre
Linaewen Lake of Birds Aiwailin
Lithir River Ash River? Lits(es)íre
Losgar  ??  ??
Lothlann Wide and Empty Lustaláta
Maglor's Gap Maglor's Gap Makalaureva Latya
March of Maedhros March of Maedhros Maitimova Ríma
Marshes of Nevrast Marshes of Nevrast Mottor Sirahresto
Menegroth Thounsand Caves Húmerotto
Methed-en-glad End of the Wood Tauréva Metta?
Mindeb River  ??  ??
Mithrim Grey People Míseldar?
Forne Sindar?
Mithrim Lake Mithrim Sindaron Nende?
Mithrim Mountains of Mithrim Oromísi?
Moors of the Nibin-noeg Moors of the Nibin-noeg Salquenóri Nuxoron
Nan Dungortheb Valley of Dark Horror Nande Moringorto?
Nan Elmoth Valley of Starry Dusk Nande Ellómeo
Nargothrond Caves under Narog Narrostoron(d-)
Neldoreth Forest Beech...? Taure Fernion?
Nen Girith Shuddering Water  ??
Nen Lalaith Water of Laughter Lalanen
Nenning River  ??  ??
Nevrast Hither Shore Nevarasse
Nimbrethil White-birches Ninquihwindien
Nivrim West March Númeríma?
Orfalch Echor High Cleft of the Outer Circle?  ??
Ossiriand Land of Seven Rivers Otossirian(d-)
Ramdal Wall's End Rambatal
Ras Mewrim Cape of the Gulls Nortil Maiwion
Region Forest Holly Land Eretyande
Rerir Mount  ?? Oron Rerir
Ringwil River Flying Cold? Ringwil
Rivil River  ?? Rimil?
Rivil Rivil's Well Rimilo Ehtele
Sarnas Fingolfin Fingolfin's Cairn Ondole Ñolofinweva
Sarn Athrad Ford of Stones Langa Sarnion
Shadowy Spring Shadowy Spring Lóme(a E)htele
Sirion Fens of Sirion Mottor Siriondo
Sirion Mouths of Sirion Etsiri Siriondo
Talath Dirnen Guarded Plain Talma Tirina
Taras Mount Taras Tarasse
Taur-en-Faroth Forest of the Hunter Farataure
Taur-im-Duinath Forest between Rivers Taure imbe Siryat
Taeglin River Boundary Singer Taicalin(d-)
Thalos River Torrent, Falling Steeply? Lantie?
Thangorodrim Mountains of Tyranny Orosangar?
Thargelion Beyond Gelion Langavilan?
Thorn Sir Eagle Stream Sorossíre
Tol Galen Green Isle Tol Laica


Canonical Quenya names

I chosed the Quenya version of the Sindarin name, unless there isn't.
Sindarin Meaning Quenya Tengwar transcription
Aegnor Fell Fire Aicanáro (mn) lEaE5~C7Y
Amras Top Russet Ambarussa (mn) `Cw#7U,E
Amrod High and Lofty Ambarto / Umbarto (mn) `Mw#61Y = `Cw#61Y
Angrod Iron Champion Angaráto (fn) `Cs#7~C1Y
Aredhel Írisse (fn) ~B7T,R
Argon High Commander Aracáno (fn) `C7Ea~C5^
Caranthir Red Face Carnistir (mn) aE65%81T6
Celeborn Silver Tall Telporno 1RjqY65^
Celebrimbor Silver-fist Telperinquar (fn) 1RjqR7Tv#6
Celegorm Hasty-riser Tyelkormo (mn) 1RÍjaY6t^
Círdan Shipwright Ciryatan aT7EÍ1E5
Curufin Skilled-Finwe Curufinwe (fn) aU7UeG5nR
Denithor Saviour of the Dani NaniÞáro 5#5%3~C7Y
Elrond Star-dome Elerondo `Vj$7Y2^
Elros Star Foam Elerosse `Vj$7Y,R
Feanor Spirit of Fire Feanáro (mn) eF`C5~C7Y
Fingolfin Wise Finwe Ñolofinwe (fn) 5^j^eG5nR
Finarfin Noble Finwe Arafinwe (fn) `C7EeG5nR
Fingon Hair Commander Findecáno (fn) eG2$a~C5^
Finrod Hair Noble Findaráto (fn) eG2#7~C1Y
Galadriel Glittering Garland Altáriel (an) `Cj#1E7T`Vj
Gil-galad Artanáro (fn) `C61E5~C7Y
Glorfindel Golden Hair Laurefindele j.D7ReG2$j$
Idril Sparkling Brilliance Itarille `B1E7Tj$¸
Huor Heart Vigour Huore 9M`N7R
Mablung Heavy Hand Lunguma j&s&t#
Maedhros Shapely Red-haired Maitimo (mn) tlE1Tt^
Maeglin Lómion (mn) j~Nt%`N5
Maglor Forging Gold Macalaure (mn) t#aEj.D7R
Melian Dear Gift Melyanna t$j#´5#"
Morgoth Black Foe Moringotto t^7Ts^1Y'
Orodreth Artaresto (fn) `C61E7R81Y
Thingol, Elu Greymantle Elwe Þingollo 3Gs^j^¸
Thorondor King of Eagles Þorontar 3H7Y4#6
Tinúviel Daughter of Twilight Tindómerel 1T2~Nt$7Rj
Turgon Ruling Lord Turucáno (fn) 1U7Ua~C5^
Túrin Master of the Heart Turindo 1U7Ua~C5^
Ungoliant Dark Spider Ungoliante `Ms^j%`C4$

Neo-Quenya translations

Sindarin Meaning Neo-Quenya
Aerandir Sea Wanderer Earanyar
Aerin Sea Heart? Earindo
Amlach Uprising Flame?  ??
Ancalagon Biting Storm Ancalco
Angrim Iron of Death  ??
Annael Star Gift? Annelen
Arthad  ??  ??
Azaghâl (Master) Warrior? Ohtur?
Baragund Fiery Prince? Varacundo?
Barahir Fiery Lord? Varaher
Beor Vassal? Veo
Bereg  ??  ??
Beren Bold Veryo
Bór Faithful Vóro
Borlach Steadfast Flame Voronáro
Borlad Steadfast Happiness Vorralasse
Boromir Steadfast Jewel Voronwíre
Boron Steadfast Vorondo
Borthand Steadfast Shield? Vorosanda
Brandir the Lame Noble Man Varander i Úlévima
Bregolas Fierceness Vercanwe
Bregor Fierce-one? Verequo
Brodda  ??  ??
Carcharoth Great Red Fang Carca(ca)r(n(e)on
Daeron  ?? Laimo?
Dagnir Slayer Nahtar
Dairuin  ??  ??
Dior Eluchíl Successor Neuro i Elwehilde
Dorlas  ??  ??
Draugluin Blue (Were)wolf Ñauroluine
Edrahil  ??  ??
Eilinel  ?? Eilinel
Eluréd Heir of Elu Elwehilde
Elwing Star Spray Elwinge
Emeldir Manly Mother Amilder
Eol the Dark Elf  ?? Eol Morneldarin
Erellont Lonely Star Ship? Erellunte
Falathar Surpasser of the Shore? Falahtaro
Felagund Lord of Caves Fillacáno?
Finduilas  ?? Fintuile?
Galdor Light Lord?
Gelmir Joy Jewel? Yellomíre?
Gildor Star Lord Ñiltur
Glaurung Golden Dragon Laurungo
Glirhuin Shadow Song? Lírihuine?
Glóredhel Golden Elf Laurelda
Gorlim  ??  ??
Gothmog  ?? Ñosomot?
Guilin  ??  ??
Gundor  ??  ??
Gwindor New/Young Lord? Vintur
Hador Lórindol Thrower, Golden Head Hatar Laurindol
Haldad Watchdog?  ??
Haldan  ??  ??
Haldar Watching Lord? Cuntur?
Haldir  ??  ??
Haleth Watching Lady? Cunwende?
Halmir  ??  ??
Handir Intelligent Man  ??
Hareth Lady Arwende
Hathaldir  ??  ??
Hathol Axe Hyarro
Hunthor  ??  ??
Húrin Thalion Vigour Heart, Strong Hórindo Astaldo
Ibun  ?? Ivun
Imlach In-between Flame?  ??
Khîm  ?? Címo
Lalaith Urwen Laughter, Fire Lady Lalastea Urwende
Lorgan  ?? '
Lúthien Daughter of Flowers Lósien
Magor Swordsman Macar
Malach Aradan  ??, Noble Man Malatyo? Aratan
Marach  ?? Maratyo?
Mîm  ?? Mímo
Morwen Eledhwen Dark Maiden, Elfsheen Morwende, Eldavende
Nimloth White Blossom Ninquilóte
Radhruin  ??  ??
Ragnor  ??  ??
Rían Crown Gift Ríanna
Rochallor Horse...? Roccallor
Saeros Bitter Rain Sár(ar)osse
Telchar Great Smith?  ??
Thuringwethil Woman of Secret Shadow Surinwasiel
Tuor Strength Vigor Turo
Uldor the Accursed Ugly Lord Ultur Húna
Ulfang the Black Ugly Beard Ulpanga Morna
Ulwarth Ugly Betrayer  ??
Urthel  ??  ??

War of the Jewels

Sindarin Name Meaning Neo-Quenya
Dagor-i-Míryn War of the Jewels Ohta Mírion
Dagor Minui First Battle Ohta Minya
Dagor-nuin-Giliath Second Battle: Battle-under-Stars Ohta Tatya: Ohta nu Eleni
Dagor Aglareb Third Battle: Glorious Battle Ohta Nelya: Alcarinqua Ohta
Dagor Bragollach Fourth Battle: Battle of Sudden Flame Ohta Cantea: Ohta Rávanáro
Nirnaeth Arnœdiad Fifth Battle: Battle of Unnumbered Tears Ohta Lempea: Avanóte Níri
Dagor Rûth Sixth Battle: War of Wrath Ohta Enquea: Ohta Rúþeo

Other events and holidays

Old Elvish/Sindarin English Neo-Quenya
Amarth Badhron Doom of Mandos Umbar Mandoso
Edledhron-in-Gelydh Exile of the Noldor Etelerro Ñoldoron
Gados Maedhros Union of Maedhros Ertie Maitimo
Gwaedh Feanor Oath of Feanor Vanda Feanáro
Mereth Aderthad Feast of Reuniting Merende Enertieo
Nost-na-Lothion Birth of Flowers Lótenostale
First Kinslaying: Kinslaying at Alqualondë Nahtie Minya: Nahtie Alqualondesse
Second Kinslaying: Kinslaying at Doriath Nahtie Tatya: Nahtie Lestanóresse
Third Kinslaying: Kinslaying at the Havens of Sirion Nahtie Neldea: Nahtie Londissen Siriono
Tarnin Austa/Ennyn Laer Gates of Summer Andondi Ellaireo
Turuhalme Yule Amanar


Sindarin Meaning Neo-Quenya
Anglachel Iron of the Flaming Star Anganárel
Angrist Iron Cleaver Angahyando
Anguirel Iron of the Fiery Star Angúrel
Aranrúth King's Ire Aranrúþe
Belthil Divine Radiance Valaþil
Belthronding Strength Hard Ding ??
Dramborleg Thudder-Sharp ??
Lest Melian Girdle of Melian Lesta Melyannava
Glingal Hanging Flame Lingacála
Grond Solid Rondil?
Gurthang Iron of Death Nuranga?
Hírilorn Tree of the Lady Herilorne
Nauglamír Necklace of the Dwarves Naucamíre


Seven Names of Gondolin

English Gnomish Sindarin Qenya Quenya
City of Seven Names Ostrin An Ost Tirios Otsoyáma
Stone House Gondobar Gondobar Ondomard Ondomar
House of the Stone Folk Gondothlimbar Gondolindrimbar Ondostamard Ondoliemar
Singing Stone Gondolin Gonlin Ondolinda Ondolinde
Tower of Guard Gwarestrin Minas Tirith Varastirion Tiristemindon
Secret Place Gar Thurion Garthúrian Ardalomba Lombaranye
Flower Loth Loth Losse Lóte
Flower of the Vale Lothengriol Lothladen Endillos Nandelóte

Seven Gates of Gondolin

English Neo-Quenya
Seven Gates of Gondolin Andor Otsea Ondolindeo
Gate of Wood To' Ando
Gate of Stone Ond' Ando
Gate of Bronze Urus Ando
Gate of Writhen Iron Hwinyang' Ando
Gate of Silver Telpe Ando
Gate of Gold Malt' Ando
Gate of Steel Yais' Ando

Twelve Houses of the Gondolindrim

English Neo-Quenya Tengwar transcription
Twelve Houses of Gondolin Nossi Yunquea Ondolindeo 5^,T hUÍv$`C `N2^j%2$`N
House of the King Nosse Arano 5^,R `C7E5^
House of the Heavenly Arch Nosse Ilwerano 5^,R `BjnR7E5^
House of the Tree Nosse Aldo 5^,R `Cm^
House of the Golden Flower Nosse Losseo Laurea 5^,R j^,R`N j.D7R`C
House of the Fountain Nosse Ehteleo 5^,R `Vd1Rj$`N
House of the Swallow Nosse Tuilindo 5^,R 1lUj%2^
House of the Harp Nosse Tantilo 5^,R 1E4%j^
House of the Mole Nosse Noldareo 5^,R 5^m#7R`N
House of the Pillar Nosse Tarmo 5^,R 1E6t^
House of the Tower of Snow Nosse Lossemindono 5^,R j^,Rt%2^5^
House of the Wing Nosse Rámo 5^,R 7~Ct^
House of the Hammer of Wrath Nosse Lambo Rúþea 5^,R j#w^ 7~M3F`C