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Can you add some pictures for me?

Hey Mith! I've gotten really into the Shadow of Mordor games and I wanted to write some articles! I've been working on expanding the Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War articles, but I am also making some on the side characters. I'm currently working on one for Ratbag The Coward. When it's done, could you add some pictures for me?

Ainulindali Project

Hi! I'm currently working on a project comparing the main versions of the Ainulindale: User:LorenzoCB/Sandbox#Ainulindali. Could I make it an article as Tolkien Gateway research, please? Also, would it fall on copyright infringement? I don't think so, as I'm not giving the full text, but the paragraphs separately. What do you think? --LorenzoCB 13:26, 1 February 2020 (UTC)