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Wilibald Bolger

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Wilibald Bolger
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1304
DeathS.R. 1400 (aged 96)
ParentageTheobald Bolger and Nina Lightfoot
SpousePrisca Baggins
ChildrenWilimar, Heribald and Nora
Physical Description

Wilibald Bolger was a Hobbit of the Shire.

[edit] History

Wilibald was the son of Theobald Bolger and Nina Lightfoot. He married Prisca Baggins, and had three children, Wilimar, Heribald and Nora.[1][2]

[edit] Etymology

The name Wilibald contains wilja "wish, desire" and bald "bold".[3]


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