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Översättarens anmärkningar

Översättarens anmärkning: dagbok från arbetet med Ringarnas herre
AuthorErik Andersson

Översättarens anmärkningar: dagbok från arbetet med Ringarnas herre (Swedish: Translator's notes: diary of the labor of The Lord of the Rings ) is a Swedish-language book by Erik Andersson about the process of his translation of the book into his native tongue.

[edit] From the back cover

In 2002, when Erik Andersson agreed to work on a new translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, he hardly knew what was waiting for him. No translator of prose had earlier been given such attention in the media, with interviews and reports, and his work was followed and discussed in smallest detail by thousands of Tolkien enthusiasts and others.

During the three years Erik Andersson worked with Ringarnas herre, he kept a diary on his thoughts on all the problems that emerged, from everyday life situations with malfunctioning emails and problems with a slipped disc, to the textual issues of elves, anglicisms and faulty translations.

With a sharp eye and an unmistakable sense of humour, Andersson provides a unique insight of the translator's hard labour.

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