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azanul is a Khuzdul word that can mean the adjective "of the shadows, dim", or the while name "Dim-rill"

[edit] Etymology

The word has the stem azan the plural form of uzn[1] (Root Z-N).

It is possible that the following is the adjectival ending -ul.

It is also possible that the full word is Azanûl meaning "Dim rill", containing the noun ûl "Stream, rill".[2]

[edit] Example

It can be analyzed as (duban) Azanul-bizar "dim-rill (dale)" or Azan-ûl bizar "dim-rill dale"

[edit] Other versions

Tolkien intended the word Azanûl to be the full name of that valley, but settled on Azanulbizar. The interpretation of the word, as well as that of the bizar have changed. Tolkien experimented with various interpretations of the different elements, though the whole was to somehow express "Dimrill Dale".


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