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Hi. I wonder if this category and its subcategories are actually useful. Thanks Ivar for trying to apply it more properly, but I still don't see how it should be done. It is mostly applied to characters, but also and not always, to titles. For example, C:Rulers in Beleriand is applied to Fingolfin and to High King of the Noldor. Then we should apply the same category to both Turgon and King of Gondolin, but then doesn't it feel kinda redundant? My instinct tells me it should be applied to just all the political titles, but then it feels even more redundant! Well, my question: how is this related with C:Titles? --LorenzoCB 16:41, 23 October 2021 (UTC)

I think that the C:Rulers should only include the 3 subcategories (C:Rulers in Aman, C:Rulers in Beleriand, and C:Rulers of NĂºmenor) that are already there - and those 3 subcategories should only include individual characters. Any titles should be included under just that: C:Titles.
Also, what to do with, say, lords of Gondolin (i.e. Glorfindel, Ecthelion, Galdor, etc.) or lords of Gondor (such as Forlong, Angbor, Hirluin, ...), or any individuals who hold some position of authority under another overarching ruler? IvarTheBoneless 18:05, 23 October 2021 (UTC)
One more thing, C:Rulers in Beleriand is currently applied to characters such as Angrod, Aegnor, Fingolfin, even though their respective realms (Dorthonion and Hithlum) are not technically part of Beleriand (I think?). IvarTheBoneless 18:21, 23 October 2021 (UTC)