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Esmeralda Took

Esmeralda Took
Biographical Information
LocationBrandy Hall, Buckland
BirthS.R. 1336
ParentageAdalgrim Took
SpouseSaradoc Brandybuck
Physical Description

Esmeralda Brandybuck, née Took, was a Hobbit of the Shire.

[edit] History

Esmeralda was the four daughters of Adalgrim Took. She married Saradoc Brandybuck, making the Master of Buckland Rorimac Brandybuck, her father-in-law. She and Saradoc had a son, Meriadoc Brandybuck

She attended the Farewell Party of Bilbo Baggins in S.R. 1401 with her family.[1][2] When Bilbo disappeared, Master Rorimac attempted to calm her, saying that the "Mad Baggins" just left for another adventure.[3]

Later Esmeralda herself became mistress of Buckland and of Brandy Hall. Her older brother Paladin Took II also became the Thain. Her son Meriadoc was cousin with the Thain's children,[2] and especially close friends with his cousin Peregrin Took.[4]

[edit] Etymology

Esmeralda is the Spanish word for "emerald".[5]


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