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I've started playing LoTRO. I've made a dwarf and I'm gonna try to make a family history about him. I want his surname to be Ironfoot and related to Dáin II Ironfoot. But my knowledge of ME is limited and I'm wondering if there is any kind soul out there willing to help me build a trustworthy family three.

First I'm unsure about how many generations there are between when Ironfoot lived and when LoTRO takes place.

Secondly, is he known to have had any children? If there are any site where you can read more about him I whould be very glad to see it.

I want to build a family three where Dáin is the family father and continue from there.

I appriciate all help I can get!


I think there wera around 3 Dwarven-generations. Dain was born in 2769 and died in March 3019, SoA is in 3018 and MoM is in Januari 3019
Dáin had at least one child, Thorin III Stonehelm. After Dáin was killed (he was then in 350's) before the Gates of Erebor in the Battle of Dale when he protected his friend's body Brand, King of Dale and Grandson of Bard the Bowman. After the southeren armies of Mordor loosed teh battle of MT the morale of the Easterling-Army that sieged Erebor went down. And the following day Thorin III and Bard II, son of King Brand, atacked the army. They did win but many Dwarves died. A descendant of Dáin, he was named Durin VII did colinizize Moria again till his people was wiped out. Amroth of Arnor A.K.A. Thijs95
I don't know much about when LOTRO takes place, but Dain died around the same time as the Ring was destroyed (roughly). A family tree of dwarves, including Dain, can be found at the back of Appednix A to The Lord of the Rings. It will help you with dates as well. - Eldorion