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Index:The Lord of the Rings Online characters by profession

This is a list of characters by proffesion in The Lord of the Rings Online. Only characters with an article, or a section in the lists of minor characters, are mentioned. Characters without proffesion are put under "Others".


[edit] Barters

[edit] Trainers

[edit] Burglar Trainers

[edit] Captain Trainers

[edit] Champion Trainers

[edit] Guardian Trainers

[edit] Hunter Trainers

[edit] Lore-master Trainers

[edit] Minstrel Trainers

[edit] Rune-keeper Trainers

[edit] Warden Trainers

[edit] Vendor

[edit] Armoursmiths

[edit] Light Armoursmiths

[edit] Medium Armoursmith

[edit] Bowyers

[edit] Grocers

[edit] Provisioners

[edit] Supliers

[edit] Weaponsmiths

[edit] One-handed Weaponsmiths

[edit] Two-handed Weaponsmiths

[edit] Others