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Kôr was the capital of the Gnomes in Valinor according to the early version of the Legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.

The city originated in Tolkien's poetry from before he had even begun to work on the Legendarium in earnest. Within the framework of the Lost Tales, it has already been abandoned by the Gnomes long before Eriol comes to Kortirion, which was built in its memory. It was reachable by some human children in their sleep via the Olórë Mallë, the Path of Dreams, until that was shut.

[edit] Etymology

In the etymology of Tolkien's earliest languages, the name of the hill of Kôr refers to its roundness. It is derived from Primitive Elvish name Guord from which came Qenya Qora and Gnomish Gwar.[1]

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