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Lembas Extra 2015

Lembas Extra 2015: Unexplored Aspects of Tolkien and Arda
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AuthorCécile van Zon & Renée Vink (editors)

Lembas Extra 2015: Unexplored Aspects of Tolkien and Arda is an issue of the journal Lembas Extra. The issue contains nine articles.

[edit] Contents

  • Cécile van Zon: "Preface" (pp. 7-9)
  • Franco Manni and Simone Bonechi: "The Complexity of Tolkien's Attitude Towards the Second World War" (pp. 11-74)
  • Nancy A. Bunting: "Tolkien and the Boy Scouts" (pp. 75-87)
  • Tommy Kuusela: "'Dark Lord of Gorgoroth': Black Metal and the Works of Tolkien" (pp. 89–119)
  • Jan van Breda: "The Mercy and Justice of the King" (pp. 121-166)
  • Kristine Larsen: "'A Creature of an Older World': Tolkien and the Mythology of the Prehistoric" (pp. 167–190)
  • Antje vom Lehn: "Animals in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings" (pp. 191–222)
  • Elise McKenna: "Of Things Green and Growing: Aspects of the Ver­dant in Tolkien's Legendarium" (pp. 223-249)
  • D.J. Rout: "The Bill for Bill the Pony" (pp. 251–272)
  • Kristine Larsen: "A 'Perilous, Lonely Venture': Tolkien, Lewis, and the Theo­logical Implications of Extraterrestrial Life" (pp. 273–292)

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