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Letter to Carole Ward

On 10 August 1964, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Miss Carole Ward (a freelance writer).[1][2]

[edit] From an auction

THE POTENTIALLY 'DESTRUCTIVE' EFFECTS OF TELEVISED VERSION OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS: 'I am delighted to hear of your great enjoyment of my book. As for Television, however, I am personally averse to dramatizations of my work, especially of The Lord of the Rings, which is too long for reproduction without severe cutting and editing: in my view destructive, or at best severely damaging to a complicated but closely-woven story'. He regards this mainly as a concern of his publishers, however, and suspects that they would be willing to consider proposals; he directs his correspondent therefore to contact Allen & Unwin: 'Of course if there is a prospect of a television plan being agreed, I should desire very much to see you and consult you later'.[3]


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