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Letter to Sue Parman

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On 6 June 1964, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Sue Parman.[1]

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Dear Miss Parman,
I received your 'Scotch tape'a few days ago (2/6/64), and also rescued your letter in a torn condition from the adhesive tapes. I must thank you warmly for your interest and attention. At present the tape of songs is silent, I fear: I have no machine for playing it. Also after a period of severe troubles, and personal illness, I am more than short of time, and behind with various contracts. I am also to add to my difficulties at present without a secretary. Owing to my wife's ill health I am obliged shortly to leave home for some time in search of less damp and more warmth. I shall not be here (as above) after June 22 for some time, but the above address will find me eventually. Yours sincerely, JRR Tolkien.[2]

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