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METW: Akhôrahil

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METW: Akhôrahil is a game card from the set Middle-earth: The Wizards, for MECCG.


[edit] Card text

Unique. Nazgûl (5th). May be played as a hazard creature (with one strike) or as a permanent event. As a creature, may also be played keyed to Harondor, Horse Plains, Gorgoroth, and Khand; and may also be played at sites in these regions. If played as a permanent-event, it will remain in play until tapped during the opponent's movement/hazard phase (tapping counts against the hazard limit). When tapped, Akhôrahil becomes a short-event and modifies any one character's body by -1 for the rest of this turn.

[edit] Errata

"...modifies any one character's body by -1 for the rest of the turn."[1]

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