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The Naith of Lórien was a wedge-shaped land between the Rivers Celebrant and Anduin, where Egladil, the heartlands of Lothlórien lay, and its capital Caras Galadhon was found.[1]

Gore was Haldir's translation of the Elvish name Naith.

[edit] Etymology

The Sindarin word naith, glossed as "angle", is derived from nek-tē (root NEK). Its Quenya form is nehte.[2] In The Etymologies the word is glossed as "gore" and appears as a Noldorin word (the procursor of Sindarin), derived from the roots SNAS-/SNAT-. Other words derived from that root have the meaning of "spear-head, point, triangle", including a sketch of an arrow-head.[3]

The English gloss gore is a rare word which describes any of a wide range of narrow or pointed items, originally a narrow triangular piece of land.


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