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LocationFangorn Forest
Appearancea rowan

Orofarnë was one of the rowans of Fangorn Forest, much beloved by the Ent Bregalad. It was cut down by Orcs of Isengard, arousing the anger of this impulsive Ent.[1]

[edit] Etymology

In a letter, Tolkien explained that orofarne means "mountain-dwelling" in High-elven (Quenya).[2] In another manuscript he glossed Orofarnë as "mountain ash", consisting of the Quenya elements oro- ("hill") + farnë?/pharne ("any growing thing or plant").[3]

Editors Carl F. Hostetter and Patrick H. Wynne have made a connection between the Qenya word farne ("foliage"; a derivative of the root PHAS-, also appearing under the rejected root PHARAN-) and the name Orofarnë.[4]

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