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"How many hundreds of years needs it to make a steward a king, if the king returns not?"
― Boromir
"Few years, maybe, in other places of less royalty. In Gondor ten thousand years would not suffice."
― Denethor[1]

Ruling Steward was the title used for the rulers of Gondor after the loss of its King.

The Stewards of Gondor were only the advisors to the King of Gondor. The first Ruling Steward was Pelendur who ruled briefly after the death of King Ondoher and his sons (T.A. 1944).

Mardil Voronwë was the one who started ruling Gondor after the death of its last King Earnur. He ruled on the behalf of the King until the throne would be claimed by one of the Royal House. The office was in all respects and purposes that of the King, although out of respect the Steward never sat on the throne of the King or wore a crown; instead, they sat on a simple chair of black stone placed below it. The symbol of their office was a white rod, and when they assumed office they swore "to hold rod and rule in the name of the king, until he shall return". Their banner was simple white without a charge.

The title was hereditary, and was carried on through twenty-six generations to Denethor II, Ruling Steward at the time of the War of the Ring. His son Faramir gave up the rule of Gondor to Aragorn II, the rightful Heir of Isildur. Faramir then took up the traditional role of a Steward of Gondor as the advisor to the King.

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[edit] List of Ruling Stewards

The Line of Ruling Stewards
  Name Reign Notes
1. Mardil Voronwë 2050 – 2080 Becomes Ruling Steward after King Eärnur leaves no descendants. Beginning of the Watchful Peace.
2. Eradan 2080 – 2116  
3. Herion 2116 – 2148  
4. Belegorn 2148 – 2204  
5. Húrin I 2204 – 2244  
6. Túrin I 2244 – 2278  
7. Hador 2278 – 2395 The last Steward of Gondor to have the lifespan of a full Dúnedain.
8. Barahir 2395 – 2412  
9. Dior 2412 – 2435 Succeeded by his sister Rian's son.
10. Denethor I 2435 – 2477 The Watchful Peace is broken. Orcs attack from Minas Morgul and people begin to abandon Ithilien.
11. Boromir 2477 – 2489  
12. Cirion 2489 – 2567 Defeats the Balchoth with the aid of the Éothéod. As a reward he gives them the land of Calenardhon.
13. Hallas 2567 – 2605  
14. Húrin II 2605 – 2628  
15. Belecthor I 2628 – 2655 The Corsairs of Umbar again become a threat to Gondor.
16. Orodreth 2655 – 2685  
17. Ecthelion I 2685 – 2698  
18. Egalmoth 2698 – 2743  
19. Beren 2743 – 2763 During the Long Winter, Gondor is beseiged by Corsairs and Rohan by Dunlendings.
20. Beregond 2763 – 2811 Defeats the Corsairs.
21. Belecthor II 2811 – 2872 Death of the White Tree of Gondor.
22. Thorondir 2872 – 2882  
23. Túrin II 2882 – 2914 Defeats an invasion of Haradrim. Orcs invade from Mordor and Ithilien is evacuated.
24. Turgon 2914 – 2953 Sauron declares himself openly.
25. Ecthelion II 2953 – 2984 Defeats the Corsairs with the aid of Thorongil
26. Denethor II 2984 – 3019 Ruling Steward during the War of the Ring.
27. Faramir 3019 Returns the rule of Gondor to King Aragorn Elessar.


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