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[edit] The War of the Jewels in other sections than Other versions of the legendarium

I find it very problematic that draft versions of materials for the Silmarillion that were later changed or abandoned until the publication of the Silmarillion are used in the article before the Other versions of the legendarium section. That is a common problem in many articles in Tolkien Gateway that also changed draft versions of Appendix A from The Heirs of Elendil from The History of Middle-earth are used before Other versions of the legendarium section. One needs to very carefully read the POME if things were merely deleted to save space (e.g. the birth dass of Kings and Stewards) or changed or deleted for other reasons. --Akhorahil 21:17, 18 November 2020 (UTC)

  • Much of the information in the last three volumes of the History of Middle-earth represents Tolkien's final intent and is equally canonical with the materials in the published Silmarillion, and sometimes more canonical that what is published in the Silmarillion. That's why you'll often see such content referenced in sections other than the "Other versions of the legendarium" section in Tolkien Gateway. Tolkien's earlier works that were clearly superseded, or works where his final intent is not clear, are referenced in the "Other versions of the legendarium" sections. Protospace 18:06, 19 November 2020 (UTC)