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Tarnost was a location in Gondor, on the northern foothills, between the river Gilrain to the east and Dol Amroth to the west. To the north was the river Ringló. The location is not mentioned in The Lord of the Rings.

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

Tarnost does not appear in the close-up map of Gondor in The Return of the King.[1] The first reference is in The War of the Ring: In the Western map section there is a dot visible in square Q12 at the northern tip of the hills south of the Ringló, and the text states that it had a penciled note calling it Tarnost.[2] The second reference appears in Sauron Defeated: In a manuscript Tolkien stated that "From Erech a road ran by [the] sea, skirting in a loop the hills of Tarnost, and so to Ethir Anduin and the Lebennin.".[3]

Hammond and Scull suggest that Tarnost appears to be an earlier name for Ethring, as they share a "similar position on the published map".[4]

Tarnost also appears on the map of the White Mountains in The Atlas of Middle-earth, identified by Wynn Fonstad as a city. The nearby hills are also named as the Hills of Tarnost.[5]

[edit] Etymology

It has been suggested that Tarnost is a Noldorin name, the second element perhaps being ost ("city").[6]


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