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The Hunt for the Ring:

  • History
    • Prelude (Gollum & Battle of Osgiliath)
    • Search for the Shire
    • The Shire, Buckland and Bree (?-29 September)
    • Weathertop, the Lone Lands and the Trollshaws (30 September-20 October)
    • Consequenses
  • Portrayal in Adaptations
    • Journey to Rivendell
    • Ralph Bakshi's LOTR
    • Peter Jackson's LOTR
    • Vivendi's FotR
    • EA's TTT
    • Conquest
    • LOTRO
    • Aragorn's Quest
    • WITN
  • Other Versions of the Legendarium
  • See Also

[edit] Prelude

At the end of the Third Age started to gather information about the fate of the One Ring. Saruman, who wanted to use the power of the Ring to use it to establish his own power, aswell searched for the Ring and sent his agents in T.A. 2851, long before learnt about Isildur's fate, to the Gladden Fields, where Isildur died.[1] Eventually Sauron learnt aswell about the death of Isildur and sent his servants to search the Anduin arround the Gladden Fields. Saruman learns about Sauron's search in T.A. 2939, but still tells nothing against the White Council.[1] Two years latter the White Counsil decides to attack Dol Guldur and dispel Sauron from Mirkwood, Saruman agrees with the decission to attack Sauron to prevent him to search the Anduin.[1]

In the last meeting of the White Council, in T.A. 2953, Saruman convinces the other members that the Ring was carried by the river to the sea, but in secret Saruman continues to search the Ring. Arround the same time he sends agents to Bree and the Southfarthing to spy Gandalf and learn more about the Shire.[1]

Years after Bilbo found the Ring, Gollum left his cave to purue Bilbo, and retrieve the One Ring. While he followed Bilbo's track to Dale he learnt about Bilbo's home country, the Shire, and travelled back to the west through Mirkwood. But when he reached the Anduin he travelled to the south and was attracted by Sauron to Mordor.[2] In T.A. 2980 Gollum reaches Shelob's Lair at the borders of Mordor.[1] In T.A. 3009 Gollum enters Mordor and is captured by Sauron's servants.[1] He was brought to Barad-dûr and was tortured by Sauron. Gollum mentioned the words "Baggins" and "Shire" but lied about the location of the Shire because of his hate against Sauron and tried to prevent Sauron's regaining of the Ring. He professed that the Shire was a country near his own birth place.[3]

[edit] Other Versions of the Legendarium

In Unfinished Tales Gollum enters and is captured in Mordor in T.A. 3017.[3]


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