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The Lay of Feanor is an Untitled Lay recited by Fayanor a player in LOTRO I, Aragorn_is_Awesome, do not know if Fayanor made this Poem or if He is reciting a Lay that already exists.

[edit] What does the poem say

The Lay begins with a history of Finwe father of Feanor Then the names of the valar (a song form of valenquenta) Then it talks of the birth of Curufinwe the death of Miriel and the birth of Fingolfin and Finarfin Then the meeting of Feanor and Nerdanel Then the exile and all the deed of the sons of Feanor Then the name of the 7 sons of Feanor

[edit] The Lay of Feanor

In Aman once and long age before the Sun and Moon you know there was a king of might and grace of no low birth or mortal race. Lord of Elves on Amam's shores- Lord of the Noldor, ere the wars were fought across the pounding sea ere death ruled over victory Finwe was he called, one so great, and yet did not rule Aman's fate.

Fourteen powers mighty, the valar called who ruled within the city walled of Valinor, with it's Golden Gates that shines so bright where Manwe waits and sits on his colossal throne in Mahanaxar's ring of stone with mighty thirteen great valar and Valier under Varda's star

To be Continued... sorry.