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[edit] About me

My name is Chris (although I use Kerchi for everything) and I am new to the written works of Tolkien. I have known about his work, especially The Hobbit, since an early age but did not show an interest until recent times, although I have always loved The Hobbit simply because it is an incredible piece of literature that can be enjoyed by the young and senior alike. My favourite movie trilogy has to be The Lord of the Rings and because of this cinematic feast I began to show an interest in the works of Tolkien.

I have started (twice) The Silmarillion but still haven't finished yet, getting halfway before needing to take a break; I am not going to give up just yet. I enjoyed The Children of Hurin and have found Karen Wynn Fonstad's The Atlas of Middle-earth and invaluable guide.

Anyway, I live on the south coast in East Sussex in the UK and work in the local hospital. I like to read, work on my website, off-road mountain-biking and playing the guitar, although I haven't progressed that far but I can still knock out a few tunes. I also have an interest in history, something I hated in school.

In the future I hope to make some contributions although with the members here already, and with my basic knowledge of Tolkien's works, I am not sure how I can contribute to the already first-class information available; plus I am new here and very shy!