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"Nai Eru manyuva tanwenya ar tératuvas!"
Aulë in Quenta Silmarillion, "Of Aulë and Yavanna"

I'm a fan from Spain, a proud member of the Spanish Tolkien Society, active in the Languages Commission. My English is still on work, so I appreciate any correction, specially with the long texts.

Among my favourite characters are Aulë, Varda, Finrod Felagund and Galadriel.

As a converted Catholic, I like to study about Tolkien's spirituality and theology. I also love Quenya and when I have time I "translate" the works of Riener Quentandil, but currently I'm working on too many projects. Tolkien taught me I should finish things, but I can't help beginning things when new ideas come.

[edit] Articles I feel proud of

Personal Sandbox

[edit] Things I'd like to improve and create if I had more time

  • Finish Christianity article
  • All articles about the Valar, specially their OVOTL sections
  • The matter of The Book of Lost Tales
    • Proper article for the general topic
    • Summary of every chapter
    • Articles for topics exclusive from TBOLT
    • Expand all OVOTL sections that should deal with TBOLT
    • Qenya and Gnomish
  • Inspiration sections of important articles
  • An index with all "mistakes" that Christopher acknowledged throughout The History of Middle-earth
  • An article on Heraldry

[edit] Headcanons

  • Tom Bombadil is an extraliterary character from the tales Tolkien told to his children. Tolkien refused to remove him from his revision of TLOR to remember us that we are reading a fairy-tale. That's why both readers and Middle-earth characters do not know where he comes from.
  • Orcs were talking beasts without soul. Therefore they were good creatures in their beginning, as they were directly created by Ilúvatar, but later their wills were corrupted by Morgoth. Therefore they were inclined to evil forever, unless a charitative Vala or Eru himself came to free them. If so, they could have become proper Incarnates like the Ents, but they were exterminated before that happened or at least they could become civilized.
  • Aredhel and Eöl are one of those few cases in which the Eldar falled into lust, as said in Laws and Customs among the Eldar.
  • The prophecy of Andreth is refered to the War of Wrath and was true: in his last conception, Tolkien intended that Túrin was temporarily brought back from Mandos, just like Beren. Then Túrin, still in Valinor, jumped into Vingilot, and travelled with his cousin Eärendil to Middle-earth. In the flying boat, Túrin slayed Ancalagon, accomplishing the decisive victory against Morgoth and thus having the last word in his family's curse. Then he was finally free and leaved the Circles of the World. I was never convinced that a boat could destroy the biggest dragon in the world, but if there is a dragonslayer in it, now that's epic.
  • The Valar were informed about Eru's Incarnation, so the first Christmas feast in the world was hold in Valinor.
  • We are living in the Sixth Age, which began with the Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The last and Seventh Age will begin when He returns and it will last forever.
  • The Dagor Dagorath is canon in the sense that it was meant to be included in The Silmarillion, but even in the legendarium it is not suppouse to happen literally, as it comes from an artificial mix between Elven and Mannish traditions. There will be an actual battle between Good and Evil, but the breaking and healing of Arda will be acomplished by Eru himself.
  • Everything is canon; we should talk about "corpus" instead. The Global Theory is true.
  • The Eldar had Baroque dances.

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