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[edit] Unanswerable questions that keep me up nights

[edit] Fourth Age

  • What happened to Elladan and Elrohir?
  • When exactly did Celeborn leave Middle-earth?
    • Did he leave before 171 and Findegil just didn't know about it?
    • If after, when?
    • Did Círdan and Glorfindel (and literally all other remaining Elves of the First Age) actually take ship with Celeborn, or are we being overly literal in our interpretation of "the last living memory of the Elder Days?" Bombadil and Treebeard are still around, after all.
  • Were there any Noldor at all remaining in Middle-earth after the White Ship left? The Silmarillion suggests not, Appendix A hedges.
    • Did any Noldor remain after the Last Ship left?
    • Did any Noldor-blooded Galadhrim of Lórien count as Noldor for this purpose?
    • Did any Noldor or Sindar choose to fade in Middle-earth rather than leave bodily? (Thranduil?)
    • Did anyone else build their own ship (cf. Legolas) after the "Last" Ship?
    • Did any of the Silvans or Avari choose to go West?
    • Did the Avari have the grace to go West?

[edit] Third Age

  • Which four of the Seven Rings were consumed by dragonfire? The only one we know for sure survived is the Ring of the Longbeards.
  • Which three of the Nine Nazgûl were of Númenórean descent? We can be fairly sure it wasn't Khamûl, but other than that it's entirely up in the air. (There is no evidence that the Witch-king is one of them.)

[edit] First Age

  • Why didn't Orodreth send Finduilas to Círdan for safekeeping at the same time as Gil-galad?
    • Related: what years were Finduilas and Gil-galad born?
  • Who is the elder: Elros or Elrond?

[edit] Things I like

  • FAQ of the Rings – Mostly great information and some interesting speculation about the Rings of Power.
  • The Last Ringbearer – The very best fan fiction ever written, and possibly the only work of fan fiction with genuine literary merit.
  • My favorite characters in the Legendarium: Círdan, Celeborn, Elmo. I like the ones who don't get a lot of attention but whose efforts in the background were nonetheless essential.
  • Reference templates