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User:Narfil Palùrfalas/Poetry/Lament for Valinor

Far in the West there were two trees, two trees without decay
One silver-clad, one wreathed in gold, before they passed away.
Lissom their trunks and wide their boughs, firm-planted were their roots;
And where the birds sang morning-songs were many sparkling fruits.
The Elves they danced in festival around the shining feet,
And there in golden Valinor the Valar had their seat.
In Valmar fair, the City Gold, the bells were rung at dawn
And when the stars burned fiery-bright the Elves were dancing long;
Beneath the thrones of ivory, under the seats of stone
The Vanyar played their glitt'ring harps, and silver horns were blown.
O Valmar sweet! the roofs of gold, the doors of polished bronze,
Reflect the beauty of the trees across the gloaming lawns.
O Valmar bright! the leaves of gold shine from great Laurelin,
Or all would see Telperion and silver light therein.
Taniquetil the ever-white was glist'ning in the light
Of those two trees in elder days before there came the night.
Atop the peak of that great mount was set a mansion white
And on the roof of azure hue were spangled stars alight.
O Ilmarin! I used to gaze upon the lofty heights,
And ever from Oiolossë the eagles flew in flights.
The mountains tall, the Pelóri, they reached unto the sky
And in that field of matchless blue the eagles strong did fly.
There jewels were made and things of gold, in Elven Tirion,
That city white on a green hill where perched the gray falcon;
Where Fëanor the Fire-eyes with all his kindred dwelt
Before bright Elven-Tirion the growing darkness felt.
O Tirion! thy crystal stairs led up to fountains clear
And there I ran in days of old to see the morn appear.
And in the West there by the sea a city gemmed and pearled
While in the harbor docked the ships whose banners were unfurled,
The swans of Ossë decked their prows, while on a field of blue
The sea-gulls mewed and cast their eyes down on peerless view;
Alqualondë! thy beaches fair are spread with silver shells
While on the sea thy white ships sail upon the crystal swells.
In Avathar a darkness rose, a shadow woke from death,
And ere the sun had risen Valmar felt the haunted breath;
The trees they died, the light there fled, the wells were sucked up dry,
And then the shadow left that darkened land beneath the sky.
O Valinor! I hear again sweet Valmar's golden bells
And how I wish once more to fly across cerulean swells.
O Valinor! the moon did rise and with the sun in train,
Yet I shall long forever for the silver shores again.