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"A man who flies from his fear may find he has only taken a shortcut to meet it."
Sador to Túrin in The Children of Húrin, "The Childhood of Túrin"

[edit] About me

My name is Peter and I am a passionate Tolkien fan from the Netherlands. My username Quirinius is the Latin version of my surname, as my ancestors hail from Ancient Rome.

I am an active member of Unquendor, the Dutch Tolkien Society, and a (Vinya) Lambengolmo, interested in Tolkienian linguistics, having studied (neo-)Quenya, (neo-)Sindarin and The Dwarrow Scholar's deutero-Khuzdul, and everything regarding the Legendarium, but primarily the First Age Edain and their descendants, the Númenóreans and Third Age Dúnedain, as well as the Drúedain.

My non-Tolkienian interests are psychology, linguistics, history and music. I am an avid reader, absolutely devouring books on those aforementioned topics, but also epics, such as Shahnameh and Aeneid.

You can contact me via Discord (my username is Quirinius#9957) or on my talk page.

[edit] Favourites

Character: Gandalf (followed by the twin-brothers Elros & Elrond, Haleth and Faramir)
Location: Elenna (followed very closely by Dol Amroth and Gondolin)
Book: The Nature of Middle-earth
Mannish House: House of Haleth
Elvish House: House of Finwë
Dwarvish House: House of Durin
Era: Second Age